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    3800 M90 Build

    Jd, what are you planning on running as a regulator for fuel pressure?
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    Please help transmission rebuild problem

    I have been there and still have yet to find the issue.
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    Air Suspension?

    Bagging a 95-02 ex is difficult to say the least in the fact that it will take time, money, and effort. Even if you are not doing the work, there is no kit roughly but parts put together. There are few things that will be harder to have made due to the fact they simply do not exist. Here is a...
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    the quick fix

    Had this same problem before, the following parts are failing. - Waterpump - Head Gaskets - Heads themselves - Upper & Lower Intake Gaskets - Lower intake Manifold Gasket - Fuel Rail Gasket If you have overheated the truck more than twice your heads are more than likely cracked. From...
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    4r55e lockup issue?

    So based on the video, would you say that's normal behavior for a 2200 stall converter with no changes to the PCM? Or should I look into possibly taking the converter back? As the lock just seems rougher than my stock 1900 with 150k miles on the trans before it was rebuilt.
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    4r55e lockup issue?

    I took it to a shop that used raysbestos parts, new bands, clutches, etc. Essentially everything replaced except planetaries. When you say internal leakage? What do you mean? Here is a video I did to show how I can cause it to happen on the hwy. I have another that shows it happen while in low...
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    4r55e lockup issue?

    Well after 2 weeks of being in and out of trans shops I am looking to see if anyone could help. I recently rebuilt my trans with a central VB, custom TC w/ 2200 stall. Truck shifts fine except for 3rd to OD and OD with re-lock of the TC. Best I can explain is I can be doing 70mph and tap the...
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    Anyone in central FL with a lowered X?

    very few modded in CFL. I thought I was the only one besides members here that would invest time, money, and effort into something not designed for any of the above. How did your lowering go? 2" or 3" drop?
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    Red "X" Pictures

    Usually you have to click a button or a tool-tip that says download email message content. By default msn blocks alot of content to do some upfront control of malware embedded in spam.
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    It's Finally Here: Gen 2 Calhoun Lowering Springs Group Buy! Don't Miss Out!

    I would be all over this if, it was more than a 1.3 drop. I am at 3" now and just need something to make it a little stiffer of a ride.
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    96 no crank/no start

    Luckily there was an explorer a couple houses down and I was able to get a visual on the shifter cable to allow it do its job. Seems there are tabs that must grab hold of at the shifter bracket. Once I put it in reverse on the trans, then went to line up the cable I used a set of channel locks...
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    96 no crank/no start

    Ok everyone seems the shifter/neutral safety switch is blame. put it in neutral (which is actually reverse on the indicator and it fires up no hesitation. my question is I have re-routed/re-sat through the C fitting. The issue I have now is when I put in Reverse on the indicator its in neutral...
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    96 no crank/no start

    It was not the relay, nor the starter. there is a blue ended connector on the trans, it was not fully connected. I have fixed that, truck started and then shut off pretty abruptly (shortly after I removed jumper cables). now it won't start and has a slow crank (when connected to another car via...
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    power stering Pump

    Check your MAF, could be bad. you could by some cleaner and see if it clears up the issue.
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    96 no crank/no start

    Alright so since no one has chimed in quite yet, I thought I would update with news that the starter does work, as I used the relay to test. I pulled the cap off the lower post and when it completed the circuit with the key in run the truck kicked over and started. so at this point there can...
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    96 no crank/no start

    hey everyone, just got done putting in my trans/back in the truck and seem to be having a really bad day with my truck. It has sat for about a month not being turned over (it ran and drove before taking it apart). Though now that I have it all back together I cannot get it to crank or hear it...
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    96 4r55e, using 99 parts?

    I am trying to understand what to buy and where to get it the cheapest as I am rebuilding my trans currently. I have heard mention of HD torque converters but not really seen any suggested places to purchase. I purchased a new VB from Central VB, but I would like to know about ordering new...
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    For Sale 95/96/97 Explorer Custom Clear Tinted Tail-Lights

    if they are still available friday I will pick them up, pm me your paypal info.
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    egr tube

    P0401 yes, the other 2 are intake leaks usually. Since there is an egr flow code I would replace it first then wait for it to throw codes again. You might have a clog in the tube or excess build up. Fords are notorious for blow back stock or modified they cycle the oil breather through the...
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    Loads of parts to go

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    Loads of parts to go

    how much for a steering wheel to 32751?
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    looking to lower a 02 explorer sport

    I'll make it easy for you to understand, though as the member above me said searching will get you 2x further in the future. I am pasting this literally from the thread that is below yours were I stated the same. You'll find that alot of people are going to tell you to search or ignore your...
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    My Street Explorer

    Brian Dye has a set of one piece lights for sale right now that would make it look different. Though if its a street truck, I'd say throw a sport trac cluster in it and lower it. Oh and if your looking for performance parts and have an OHV 4.0 look at my sig I have few things that will make the...
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    Lowering the front end.

    You'll find that alot of people are going to tell you to search or ignore your thread because you did not search before posting, its ok though most of the time you will end up with no answers. Since lowering has been talked about like a beaten race horse, I will give you the short end of it...