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    Auto Lamps

    I don't have the auto-dimming mirror, so this may be different, but my sensor for my auto lamps is in the center of my dash right near the windshield. It looks like a little dome. If something is covering or blocking that sensor, it might explain why your lights are staying on all the time.
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    Rear Lift Gate (upper one) Plastic broke in half

    How difficult was it to get the old panel off? What did you pay for the new panel? A lot of posts on here have people saying that they spent around $60 for a new panel, but all the quotes I'm getting are for upwards of $100 just for the primed panel. Any online dealers that will sell it cheap?
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    Rear Lift Gate (upper one) Plastic broke in half

    I know this has been talked over to death, and that most of what CAN be said HAS been said, but does anyone know of a cheap fix for this problem?
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    Anti-Theft Flashing Lights

    on my 02 xlt the lights flash and the horn honks once when you press the lock button twice. however, the lights only flash if the vehicle was unlocked prior to pressing the button twice. if it was already locked, the lights won't flash, but the horn will honk. is it possible that your...
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    Rattling upon acceleration

    from what i've read on the boards and have experienced on my own 02 Ex. it sounds like the tensioner pulley on your timing chain.
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    anyone try Supertech Synthetic?

    Hey all. I was looking at synthetics at Wal-Mart and noticed that they had a Supertech Synthetic. I know Supertech is the Wal-Mart brand and is bottled by any number of petroleum companies, but has anyone tried this? Is it a decent oil? Thanks all.
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    Synthetic Question

    just to give a little more info . . . i usually do a lot of short drives (15 miles or less) with the exception of a few longer trips.
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    Synthetic Question

    So looking at synthetics . . . what do you guys recommend as far as the mileage between oil changes? Also . . . is there any real benefit between a regular synthetic and one specified as "high mileage"?
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    oil pan gasket question

    Hey all. I'm working on changing the oil in my 02 Explorer XLT 4x4 for the first time. Thought it might be worth the extra work to save a few bucks. I noticed that it looks like I'm leaking a bit of oil through the oil pan gasket. Nothing is dripping, but there is definitely oil in that...
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    Recharging A/C in 2003 XLT

    the labels in the engine compartment say to use 134a . . . i'd probably go with that
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    Recharging A/C in 2003 XLT

    You're right. Our Explorers use R134a. You can get it at walmart with a pressure gauge attached. A lot of the gauges are proprietary and can only be used with that brand's refills. If you look around, you can find one with a gauge that works with any refill cannister. That would be handy to...
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    Synthetic Question

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    Synthetic Question

    thanks for all the feedback. i'll probably switch to a synthetic blend with my next oil change. appreciate the advice!
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    air intake question

    definitely crossed my mind
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    air intake question

    anyone? a closeup pic of the front of your filter box where the air intake is would be a huge help. thanks all.
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    door ajar?

    you may want to check the rear glass to make sure that it is securely latched as well. sometimes i will accidentally unlatch it by bumping the button on my keyless entry. it registers as an open door.
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    air intake question

    Hey all. I was checking out my air filter to see if it needed to be replaced today and noticed that there's some type of gasket or rubber lining on the intake that is hanging loose. Does anyone know how this is supposed to fit on there? It's an 02 XLT V6 4x4. Right now it's half in a hole...
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    Synthetic Question

    Hey all. I'm driving an 02 XLT 4x4 with 116,000 miles on it. I'm toying with the idea of switching to synthetic or a high mileage synthetic blend. I've read a lot on the forum that this can sometimes open up leaks that were blocked by conventional oil. Currently, my Explorer doesn't leak at...
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    Suggestions On Running Ipod Cable?

    Hey all. I'm toying with the idea of getting a new headunit with a USB input on the back. I was wondering if anyone had done something similar with an 02-05 Explorer. Does anyone have suggestions on the best route for running the USB cable from behind the headunit to a useful location...
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    4x4 does not work

    Replaced module. 15 minutes of work. 4 wheel drive is back. Saved $300 parts and labor. Thanks God for this site!!!
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    Factory Stereo Question

    No . . . it's an AM/FM/Cassette/Single CD headunit with no subwoofer. I know that some of these have external CD changer controls. I just don't know if this is one of them.
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    Factory Stereo Question

    I'm looking at trying to purchase an OEM stereo for my 02 Explorer. The part number for the stereo I'm considering is 1L2F-18C868-BB. Does anyone know if this part number has external changer controls?
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    IPod2Car not working

    yeah . . . i thought about that, but i'd really like to keep the factory look and i've already got the IPOD2CAR adapter that i'd like to use as well
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    External CD Changer Controls?

    yeah . . . and i've heard talk that some of them required you to press the CD button twice to enter DJ mode . . . which i'm assuming would control an external CD changer