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    Ignition removal?

    My aunt has a couple early 90's 4.0L aerostar vans. I know their like 90% explorer/ranger, and im pretty sure this is the same.... The "good" van has taken a shi* and the motor out of the other van they say is good, but the ignition is broken and they dont have the key. Can i just jump the...
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    Changing front Brakes, any tips?

    the rotors are 40 lbs a piece, dont drop them on your toes.
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    Sloped body lift + SOA successful

    anyone actually measure the size of the body lift pucks?
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    coil spacer size

    oops, forgot to post the link, their just 2 inch poly spacers
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    coil spacer size

    anyone know the diameter/height of these spacers? also the diameter of the inner part on the top, and the hole in the middle. as well is the section on the side required to be taken off? the f150 coil seats dont have that..
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    f250 coil springs and leaf spings on my 94 4 door explorer?

    its ok if their stiff, my accord is my every day driver. i believe the f150 is 4x4...i mean why would you get f250 suspension if you dont even have 4x4?
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    f250 coil springs and leaf spings on my 94 4 door explorer?

    he said that it does have coils in the front...i know the leafs will be too long, but i was thinking of trying to use the master leaf off the explorer then the rest off the f150, kinda like the f150 leaf thing, but with f250 leafs....
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    f250 coil springs and leaf spings on my 94 4 door explorer?

    my friend has an early 90's f150 with f250 suspension. has a ford 8.8 in the rear and ttb in the front... he is planning on scrapping the f150, i was wondering if the coils and leafs off that will fit my explorer? 94 4 door
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    head gasket blown? i hope not...

    turns out it was the fuel pump relay, haha. tested it with the ac relay :P thanks guys.
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    head gasket blown? i hope not...

    the coolent and oil hasnt mixed from what i could see yesterday. if i can get out there today, im gonna put some treatment in it and wait awhile and give it another shot...might be buying a 92 accord ex today for 700 bucks, all highway miles (person driving from canada to flordia, then back the...
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    head gasket blown? i hope not...

    the alternator and battery are fine...not only are they brand new, but i was trying to start it for like an hour and a half, now its almost dead. thanks though...
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    head gasket blown? i hope not...

    the vehicle when sitting had almost no gas in it...i then put in 20 bucks, gave me just under a 1/4 tank, that tank sat for about 2 weeks. yes im in ontario, sudbury ontario to be exact. i dont have any starting fluid, but i can definatly get some. can you link me to an not too expensive...
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    head gasket blown? i hope not...

    so i had my explorer stored for a couple months outside my aunts house...not really stored, but, sitting outside on top of 6 inches of ice..first time starting it it took about 3 minutes of trying to get it to start, finally it starts. next time i go to use it, it wont start again, after about...
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    Modifying a '94 Sport

    something no one else has said is lockers...if you dont mind some noise and not being able to turn it on and off, you can lock both rear and front for around 550$, makes a world of a difference.
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    Out with the old, in with the new

    i really dislike the look of the first gen limiteds..the bumper looks stupid, the grill looks stupid, and running boards...look stupid, gha! well, change those, and it looks like you got a great explorer! lol...personal preferance at its best.
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    whats so great about jeeps?

    i had a jeep just like that...then i got a brain and got an explorer, lol....was the same color, a briarwood (basically a limited, but with woodgrain...)
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    humming from the front end...

    it came back :| lol, luckilly i am getting the sunfire tonight, and ill park the explorer while i work on it. in the summer i'll decide on wether i keep it or not...
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    1994 Ford Explorer About to buy...should I be concerned?

    check your rear shackles..they might be almost gone like mine, lol....make sure all the doors open...from the inside...all window and door lock switches work...hatch opens..the heater valve isnt leaking coolant. search around and you'll find some popular stuff that likes to break on you.
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    Door Handles

    when i got mine i had the same problem, the lock had been seazed as well. can you unlock it? if not, grab some big ass plyers ( i used channel locks) or vise grips, grab onto the lock (unscrew the plastic peace off first, or that'll break,,,,), and pull like theres no tomorrow.....worked for me...
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    Looking at My Options

    you could always swap in a 5.0 out of a 2nd gen and sell your redone tranny )
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    Got a question need your help please

    check your coolant level....then check for the bypass valve, mine blewup on me the other day because i was ignoring it for 6 bad...then the heater core. gl
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    Prime example of Overcharging

    every single story about crappy tire is the same friend recently brought his truck there afteri told him not to...timing belt change, mostly everything was allready disassembled, bill came up to 700 bucks after they broke a bunch of things and charged him for can read it...
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    humming from the front end...

    it thought i was going to beat it up,haha
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    humming from the front end...

    well...the drag and the noise went away magically =/