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  1. J

    It's been a while

    Hello again to everyone. I started in a new business and had some health issues and dropped off the online scene for a while. Things have changed here a lot. As for my Explorers, I got a company car with my new job and the explorers have been dying off one by one, with the help of my kids. The...
  2. J

    (Yet another) Plug question

    And after reading this thread I can see why some of the older members have stopped posting. Did you ever consider spark plug manufacturers are trying to sell their plugs? I think Kodas years on working on vehicles rates him a little more than " a random guy on the net". But what does he know...
  3. J

    Muffler replacement?? What type?

    Do you have a 6 or 8 cylinder?
  4. J

    BIG WHITE (2000 Limited) went to the Beach PICS

    Looks a lot like mine....
  5. J

    no heat while driving.

    What temp thermostat did you put in? And how do you know the blend door is working?
  6. J

    What would you do?

    Either of those vehicles are to much money with repairs. Just keep looking and check ebay. You should be able to find a nice clean explorer in Florida.
  7. J

    wanting to put 16'' rims on a 1996 Explorer

    5 by 4.5 rims will work.
  8. J

    anybody got an idea?

    My 97 did this. In this pic look where the white spot is. Behind that there's a small hollow that sits back in where the intake meets the block. Stick a piece of Kleenex in there and see if it has anti freeze on it.
  9. J

    cleaned up today

    I had someone tell my son to use 40 percent, deep woods off bug spray and a rag. He did it and I was surprised to see how much better they were.
  10. J

    1999 Explorer AWD? with leaky front Diff

    It's probably one of the seals where the axle shafts go in. You can't "unplug" an AWD. Are the tires all the same size? I wouldn't be driving it 900 miles with that problem. At the very least fill the front diff back up. How bad is it pouring out?
  11. J

    Stalling after being ran

    Have you unplugged the IAC and seen if anything changes? I'd test the fuel pressure. I don't understand there being no codes. Does the CE light illuminate in the key on position?
  12. J

    starts then stalls out

    I'm guessing your fuel pump is on the way out. Best to get a fuel pressure tester and check it when it won't start.
  13. J

    Stalling after being ran

    What do you have for codes?
  14. J

    starts then stalls out

    Will it stay running if you press the gas pedal and raise the RPM's?
  15. J

    brush guard installation and connections

    The last time we had this argument I talked to my agent. I was told they prefer grill guards as it protects the front of the vehicle in deer/car accidents. Also, both the State Police and the Sheriff Dept have them installed on most of the road patrol vehicles for the same reason. These guys hit...
  16. J

    What brand shocks?

    I'll never run anything but the load adjusters ever again. Hell, I got a set in the garage for the next one I buy, lol....
  17. J

    Quick & Dirty front brake job

    Do some of these guys have any clue the amount of vehicles you've worked on? I think they don't get the "quick and dirty part", lol.....
  18. J

    brush guard installation and connections

    The link Romeo posted has the picture. That's the drivers side. The pass side is opposite. The bracket rests across the bottom and up the outside edge of the frame.
  19. J

    brush guard installation and connections

    When you look at the bracket you'll see where it goes. RomeovilleIL gave you perfect instructions. I've put on three and the last one took about an hour. If I recall the bumper bolts are 3/4 and the long bolt through the frame is also 3/4. As was said you may have to notch the plastic under the...
  20. J

    Inner Tie Rod Excess Play w/ New Tie Rod

    In order to check the tie rods correctly you need to get both tires off the ground. Could you have a problem with your front drive shaft. A popping noise and vibration are both symptoms of a bad CV end.
  21. J

    Quick & Dirty front brake job

    Do you really think the fluid in the line is any different then the fluid in the ABS system?
  22. J

    Quick & Dirty front brake job

    I've done my fair share of quick and dirty and it was just fine. I just take a big C clamp and depress the pistons before removing the caliper. I've found out that a factory rotor with 150,000 miles and a couple scratches and some rust is still a whole lot better then a "new" 30 dollar warp in a...
  23. J

    Please help! Battery light comes on and lights dim.

    Did the new alt come with a new voltage regulator?
  24. J

    My ABS Problems Continue

    I'm wondering if you might have some air in the ABS system.
  25. J

    sudden dramatic wheel shake

    I'd get it back and post some pics for us to look at. The only thing I can think they are talking about is the CV boot. My guess is they drove it to load the computer, then put it in the air and turned the wheel back and forth to check the CV's and other things for the inspection. And when...