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    headlight assembly question

    what parts store are you looking at? Advance and Autozone only have one set on the website. Same exact one that should be on your BII now. Advance has them for ~$10 cheaper than autozone though, but you can find them on ebay for a lil cheaper than those.
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    How do you get rid of that fast idle at start up crap?

    mine does it too. I have an 98 4.0L SOHC. Nothing to do but to try to ignore it.
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    I'd say it's about time to replace the upper ball joint

    doesn't look that bad to jk. Why didn't you do both sides at the same time?
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    4.0 SOHC plastic thermostat housing

    When i did mine i popped the bushings out of the upper, then the upper fits on lower perfectly. I guess it really wouldn't matter though. I used a small socket and a hammer to push mine out.
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    cargo dimensions for 2nd gen Sport

    -from headrest of rear seat straight down to floor --from top to head rest to floor--20 1/2" --from bottom of head rest to floor--16" --from top of hump beside the headrest to floor--17 1/2" -from headrest of rear seat to rear hatch/door 31 1/2" -in between the 2...
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    cargo dimensions for 2nd gen Sport

    I'll try an get some rough measurements for you tomorrow if its not raining. I have a '98 sport also. *also there are 4 timing chains if you have the 4x4 engine with the balance shaft. there are 3 in the front (jackshaft to crank chain, balance shaft chain, and driver side cam to jack shaft...
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    just hit 126k on mine. have about 500 miles on the new timing chains.
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    Newbie from SC

    welcome aboard man. I'm from SC to, but from the florence/Columbia area.
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    01+ engine in '98

    ok, so another question. I'm looking into redoing the timing chains/guides some more and seems like the prices on these parts have came down a lot compared to some of the other posts on the forum. But maybe I'm missing some things. To do all of the timing chains, Guides, etc, would these...
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    01+ engine in '98

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    01+ engine in '98

    Hello, I have searched the forums but can not get a clear answer. I have a '98 4.0L SOHC 4x4 explorer and it seems like its going to be cheaper to drop another engine in than fix all the issues with it (timing chain, guides, thermostat housing, etc). I have read that the 01and newer 4.0L SOHC...
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    Rough idle explorer

    Thank you Runnin. I'll try that next weekend when I have more time, Don't have time to do it tomorrow, but I am going to put a new fuel filter on it though, see if that helps any also. It sucks having your vehicle 100 miles away from you during the week, lol.
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    *UPDATE* idle still rough

    +1 I just did this today, and taking the wheel off and removing that flap makes it a whole lot easlier. I didn't use any swivels or anything, just some small extentions.
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    Rough idle explorer

    Hello, new to the site and I just bought a 98 ford explorer sport 4x4. Its and auto with an 4.0L SOHC engine that has 125K miles on it. When I got it, it was idling really rough, from the stock tach seemed to be close to 600 rpms. I pulled codes and got P0304 (Cyl 4 Misfire Detected) P0305...
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    -Your Explorer-

    98 Sport 4x4 4.OL SOHC $1700 125000 125000 **just bought it. Has a rough idle, but everything else is in excellent condition.