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    2014 Stereo Help

    So I am upgrading some of my the factory speakers and adding a Kenwood 8” powered sub. I wired everything up and I question the “accessory on” or “ignition on” connection because the sub is not coming on. I have tested the ground, 12v power. Can any tell me what color is the “remote wire” in...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    So I have been trying to load images with no success. So here is the link to my photobucket (dead link)
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    I'm trying, for some reason it won't load them on my post. I guess I will have to post the link to photobucket.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Yeah I noticed, I can't get it to appear for some reason, a little help if you want to private message me
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    So, this was a few months ago, but just now getting around to posting the pictures. So i somewhat cleaned the Expo up but had the taillight, headlight turn signal, side mirror, third brake light and lower reflector all tinted. Magnaflow exhaust added with the resonator removed and straight...
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    Updating the 14' XLT

    So after some time, I have been able to get the following things completely Paint matched Shark Fin Antenna Paint matched Front Grill Paint matched side mirrors Weather Tech throughout vehicle Factory Remote Start Factory Illuminating Lighting HID 6000 Highlights/Fogs Tint all away around...
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    5th Gen Explorer Photo Thread

    Mighty Blue Here is my 14' XLT,
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    MFT SYNC 3.8 SIRI Eyes Free - Avail. on SYNCMYRIDE.COM for 2011-2015 Explorer

    Thank you for the response. Uploaded it tonight and looks like it works just fine. Will upload in the F150 tomorrow.
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    MFT SYNC 3.8 SIRI Eyes Free - Avail. on SYNCMYRIDE.COM for 2011-2015 Explorer

    What's the version # So, I went and got an oil change and ask the dealership to have sync updated because I have been really busy to do it myself. I go pick it up and ask if they did. Was told I was already up to date which I know is not correct. But what babe s the version for 3.8 when...
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    Opinion needed

    So I am about to get new rims for the expo and have narrowed my search to a set of 22's made by Lorenzo's. A set of 22x10.5 or a set of 22x8.5 w/ 38 offset. So if you could give me some feedback on which option. Option A: This is the color of my expo so this is the most realalisic I...
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    Painted front Grill

    For the grill and mirrors was around $350. I felt it was a great deal because of the fact I didn't pay for it because the shipping company bringing my X back from Germany damaged my door and the paint shop was able to buff it out so, I had them paint the grill and mirrors.
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    Painted front Grill

    So finally got around to painting the front grill and side mirror covers the same color of the X, I swear the paint is spot on and I couldn't be any happier. Additionally I had remote start and ambient lighting installed. Front windows tinted, and only a few things left before I am finished...
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    Rough Idle With A/C

    I am having the same issue with the idle when AC/heat is on. Feels like the vehicle is going to shutoff at times, I seen this before in other cars and normally it was a TPS. But since this is. 2014 XLT, with about 15,000 miles I wouldn't imagine having an issue this early.
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    Explorer A-Pillar Rattle/Noise

    I might have an idea, as I had to replace my windshield a few months ago, after all said and done I start to drive home and around the 60-70 mph speed I would get this vibration coming the dash windshield area, thinking it was something the shop did, I took it back and they checked everything...
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    Brake Controller Plug and Wiring

    Wire harness Okay, read the entire forum and noticed that most of he vehicle where between 2011-2013. I have a 14' and was wondering of if the 3035-P harness will work on my vehicle as I have the CLIII Tow package. I found the whole package of the Tekonsha P3 w/ harness for $153 free shipping...
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    Before and after upgrades!!!!!!!!

    The Army ships it back for me. I will have to wait like 55 days for it, mean while I will drive the Ford Fusion already sitting in the states Thanks for the tip, that picture is from the first few days I owned it and the drive way is not mine
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    Before and after upgrades!!!!!!!!

    I have been wanting to post these for some time but haven't had the time as we are starting our move from Germany back to the States. So onto the pics Before: After: Fitment and color are right on point and radio seems to be working just fine. Before: After...
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    Attaching photos

    I have only been a member for a few months but am not able to attach photos. Am I doing something wrong? Also when I see the Posting Rules box on the bottom left corner it say " you may not post attachments"
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    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    Lighting question I have a 14' XLT without moonroof/sunroof and would like to change lighting to LEDs but know that you can't because they are attached to the circuit board. Are there after market ones or any suggestion. This is to include the courtesy lighting under the side mirrors?
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    All weather floor mats compatibility

    Are you asking if your 14 explorer or edge would fit? If it's Edge to Edge, then yes it should fit. But if it's Explorer to edge then I'm gonna say no. Mope that helps
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    New 2014 XLT Ordered

    I didn't have to wait for my 14'XLT to be built but did have to wait 3-4 weeks for it to clear customs in Germany. You will really enjoy your new ride for sure. I am so please with my vehicle and feel really comfortable with having my family in the vehicle and if anyone has driven the autobahn...
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    Installing aftermarket DVD headrests

    Adding factory DVD system I have a 14' XLT w/MFT. I am sure this has been asked before but can you add factory DVD system and if anyone knows the cost? I know I can go the after market route but don't want to void my warranty.
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    First Damage

    Well it finally happened! I didn't think it would happen after only 3 months but somehow I got a chip in the windshield and because the change in temps today, the window cracked to about 15 inches or so. So after about 45 minutes on the phone with the insurance company, it will get fixed on...
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    Weird squeak coming from back of 14' XLT

    Thanks for the advise Peter, I have not tried the spare tire, didn't cross my mind about that. But for the 3rd row seating, yes I have done that check. Also I had my wife get in the back as I was driving over cobble stone road and she says it sounds like it's coming the back hatch high in the...
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    Weird squeak coming from back of 14' XLT

    So, I have about 5,000 miles on my 14' XLT and have noticed in the past few weeks that when I drive over a bumb or rough road I get this squeaking noise coming from the hatch area? I took a look at all the parts in the back and didn't notice anything out of place and nothing seemed to be rubbing...