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    Transgo 5r55e shift kit question

    Hello, Ive got a 2004 ford ranger with the 5r55e and the occasional 2-3 flare. I replaced the epc but had no luck. Im going to drop the valve body and check the gaskets but wanted to install the transgo SK 44-55E shift kit while I was in there. The kit just got here the other day and the...
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    EPC Solenoid Question

    Thanks for the info! Unfortunately i injured my right hand at work today and cant use it for the next month so the solenoid replacement will be put on hold until it heals or i can find someone i trust to do the work for me.
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    EPC Solenoid Question

    First off let me say that this forum has helped me tremendously in understanding the 2-3 shift flare issue that plagued the 5r55e. I have 2004 4.0 ranger with the same transmission that recently started experiencing the flare. From reading numerous threads on here it seems that the updated...