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    ABS light on

    My ABS light came on yesterday on my 2002 Ford Explorer. Any suggestions for a "Do it yourselfer" ?????? Thanks
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    Engine codes PO300 & PO304

    I have a 2002 Explorer, V8 and on a trip out of state a few days ago the check engine light came on. It has a miss and the fuel miles per gallon went down. Normally I get anywhere from 17 mpg to 19 mpg combined city and highway driving. I was pulling a 17 ft boat and the trip was about 300...
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    Removing Rear Brake Rotors on 2002 XLS 4x4 4.0 Engine

    Thanks for posting the info on the removal of the rear rotors on the 4X4 2002 Explorer. I spent alot of time yesterday just pounding with a regular sized hammer and a pry tool with no luck. My son had my small short handled sledge but I have it today and I am going to pound away. There are...
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    Coolant Leak -2002 Explorer, E.B. V-8

    Coolant Leak 2002 Explorer I finally found the source of the leak. It was the hose that is wrapped in the heat resistance material on the passenger side of the vehicle. It was a small pin hole leak in the hose. Apparently the hose is wrapped in the heat resistant material as a sleeve of...
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    Coolant Leak -2002 Explorer, E.B. V-8

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer, E.B V-8 and I have a coolant leak on the passenger side under the hood down low at the rear of the engine. Its hard to see exactly where its coming from but it may be coming from the hose that is wrapped in the aluminum foil like stuff. I can't tell for sure. What...
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    heated seat

    I have a similar problem with my 2002 Explorer, Eddie Bauer . Only my passengeg seat will heat sometimes and then sometimes not but the indicator for the passenger side won't come on unless it will not heat. So sometimes I can get heat out of the passenger side and sometimes not. Any ideas...
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    coolant smell in the cab

    Thanks, I'll check the hoses and then the valve for my leaks. Flydog
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    coolant smell in the cab

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer and I am losing coolant on the passenger side of the vehicle. From the top I cannot see any leaks but from the bottom back near the firewall (passenger side) I can see coolant leakage running down the hoses and back onto the frame and underside of the vehicle...