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    my Explorer has gone to Explorer Heaven

    Oh I Forgot The car next to me blown into the passenger side of my truck and trashed the whole side. After all this abus, just for kicks I put my key in the ignition and she started up and ran as smooth as ever. RATS!!!
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    my Explorer has gone to Explorer Heaven

    Well my 99 Sport OHV that ran like a top abd was in good condition has died. Saturday we were in a Lowes store in Sanford, NC when a tornado destroyed the store. My wife and I as well as 100 other people walked out with no injuries due to quick action from Lowes employees, moving us to a safer...
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    Advice from the group I'm So Confused

    Fixed I went with mechanic 1 and had upper plenum gaskets replaced. Good move as he said old ones were flat and actually recessed in the grooves and not even touching the mating surface. Thanks all for the advice!
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    Advice from the group I'm So Confused

    My 99 OHV has been giving CEL only on very cold mornings. The truck runs smoothly even when cold and I am still gettin 21 MPG. Codes are lean bank 1,2. After reading this forum for a long time I went to check for an intake leak. I sprayed around the manifold when the truck was very cold. When I...
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    The controversial question of when to change the fluid in the 5R55E automatic trans

    Change Fluid I work for the NC Highway Patrol. They have over 2000 troopers who put their cars through some very hard use with wide open throttle shifts a common scene. They are running ford V8 engines in Crowns and some Explorers. I have talked to our vehicle repair techs throughout the state...
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    Flush, change or change and flush?

    My explorer sport 4.0 OHV had the transmission flushed about 30 K ago. Engine now has 120 K miles. Transmission is shifting OK. I want to do another change of fluid. Should I have it flushed again or just drained and new filter or all of the above? I did not know if a flush job should be...
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    What Hood Fits

    My 99 Sport hood has the peeling clear coat problem. I was thinking with all the Explorers in the salvage yard maybe I could replace the hood cheaper than having it repainted. It is the common green color. Will only a Sport hood fit or will other 99 models fit my vehicle? Ny one have any...
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    Changed Plugs and Wires

    I notice many tuneup threads relate to SOHC engines. I just did my OHV 4.0L V6 in my 99 Sport and although it was a pain in the neck it was nowhere as difficult as it must be on SOHC motors. The entire process only took me 2 hours and much of that time was spent trying to run the new wires...
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    Initial Start Issue

    My 99 sport 4.0 OHV 120,000 miles has all of a sudden started acting strange. When I first start it (hot or cold) I notice what seems like a rough run situation but for only the first 1/2 second when it first cranks. It starts fine (first crank) and runs great getting 20 MPG but this very...
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    Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion?

    I have been thinking that when my automatic trans quits, how difficult would it be to convert to manual trans. I can see some of the problems but has anyone done this conversion? I have driven standards for my whole life and I think my truck would be great as a straight shift. Sport 99 OHV.
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    Uneven Idle When Cold

    My 99 Sport 4.0L OHV seems to have uneven idel when I first start it. The idle fluctuates 100 or 200 RPMs slowly, fast idle looks like somewhere around 1200 rpms. After it is running for a minute or so it is fine and idle is nice and stable. Any ideas on what the cause might be?
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    Wheel trim

    Some a** hole went down the drivers side bumper and scraped the paint off the wheel trim as well as putting an 8 inch slong slight dent in my front fender. Of couse they didn't say around! All this fun happened in a store parking lot. It makes me sick because my 99 sport is in almost perfect...
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    Recover Console Cover?

    Its done Well than ks for the links to the step by step instructions. My wife wanted to go to a fabric store so while I was there I looked at vinyl. Well they had high end product in the exact color. Cost me $6 for a square yard (wife wants the rest fior her use) Now for the process. I tried...
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    Recover Console Cover?

    Has anyone tried to put a new cover on a worn out console cover? Mine has new cracks every day. Thought it might be possible to put a new vinyl piece on it> Any Ideas or is a bone yard the best bet.
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    99 Sport Proper Transmission Shifting?

    I have a question about my 99 sport 4.0 L OHV with 110,000 miles. I have only owned this for a year and rarely drive it. I had the transmission serviced at the dealer last year (4000 mile ago). They changed fluid, filter and did a flush. I asked them to check its operation and they did not try...
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    oil pressure probleme

    Oil Pressure I had the same problem with my 99 Sport V6. A mechanic friend told me when I change the oil pressure sending unit to be sure the passage is not blocked, a problem he has seen before. I removed the sensor cleaned out the passage and installed a new sensor and problem was gone...
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    Outside Lookin In!

    Thanks Thanks for the reply. She does not have keyless entry so when it locks she is in trouble. I keep telling her to press unlock on the drivers door before she shuts the door but she keeps forgetting. As soon as motor starts you hear a click and the rest is history if you slam the door...
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    Outside Lookin In!

    I have a 99 sport with standard package. Electric doors and locks, no keyless entry. Whenever we start the engine all the doors lock. Well now that cold weather is here my wife goes out to start it in the AM to get frost off and closes the door. You know what happens, she is locked out. Not...
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    Whining noise at idle

    Right! I never assumed it was under the hood but I noticed whine changed as I turned steering wheel. It quits after it warms up. I guess from what I have read PS Pump may be on the way out. Thanks!
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    Whining noise at idle

    I am new to this forum and look forward to being able to get information on my 1999 Explorer Sport 2WD 4.0L with 110,000 miles. I have had this vehicle for about two years and it has always had a whine that seems to be under the car. It happens in or out of gear and changes in pitch as your...