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    SiriusXM Stuck "Acquiring Signal" (Intermittent)

    It's nice to know that you figured out where to get some help, good luck!
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    2020 Ford Explorer ST driver seat issue.

    I need some inputs about pair for this type of vehicle as well.
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    Source for SOHC hydraulic chain tensioner seal (SOLVED)

    Wow this looks interesting, good stuff uugh.
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    Newbie with a Sport

    Welcome to this forum!
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    new user

    welcome to the forum!
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    Man allegedly forced to wear bomb and rob bank

    That's crazy! I only see stories like that in movies
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    90 year old man competing in NASCAR

    wow, talk about love for racing
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    What's for dinner?

    Pasta Puttanesca and some veggie salad
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    3D Printer: Most unbelievable gizmo ever

    I want to have one, but it's too expensive.
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    OMG I can see again!

    That's great news! Congratulations
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    What's for dinner?

    Tuscan butter salmon, recipe I saw on FaceBook :)
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    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    I finally got a chance to wash it today :)
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    just a few vacation pics

    beautiful photos!
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    What's for dinner?

    homemade buffalo chicken wings and some vegetable salad
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    Spending more than the allowed budget...Help

    I opened up to my partner regarding my personal issue and she told me that I might really have an addiction. It's tough for me to accept the fact that my hobby turned into addiction. She also advised me to look for a therapist near me that can help with the addiction. I guess it is the right...
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    Spending more than the allowed budget...Help

    I have this very expensive hobby of customizing my wheels from time to time. We all know that customizing a vehicle can be pretty expensive especially for someone like me who doesn't have any control over my spending. I am almost running out of cash and credit because of my customization habit...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a sports psychologist. I am currently working with some aspiring CrossFit athletes.
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    My first 3D printer!

    That is so cool!!! Dang!!! I believe that you'll have so much fun with that printer. I'm so excited for you!!!
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Hi From CA

    Hello. Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here.
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    Hello from Wyoming

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Bank vs. Credit Union

    I did just as you advised and the one from California Coast was a few thousand dollars cheaper in overall cost. Now, I just have to check my credit score if I can avail of that deal.
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    Morning Person??

    Drinking coffee shortly after waking up, as it turns out, is actually a bit counterproductive. Not only does it undermine the caffeine's effect, but it tends to lead people to build a tolerance for the drug, thereby diminishing its effect down the road.
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    Who here knows how to drive a stick shift?

    Manual up until now, I tried automatic of course but I feel like you get better control of your engine on manual transmission.
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    Bank vs. Credit Union

    We are ready for our second car and we have decided to get a pick up this time. We need a loan and we're not sure where to go. As rising fees continue to fuel misgivings about banks, consumers are turning to credit unions. Both banks and credit unions can help but one might be better. We always...