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    rear 4" lift springs

    This chart might help to find springs in the junkyard that might fit. I cqan't remember where I got it from--might've been somewhere on this site.
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    rear 4" lift springs

    The springs on my 2000 ex looked like the springs in the picture above. I replaced them with springs off an 84 Suburban, keeping the axle over spring setup that was stock. The springs are 5 leaf plus the overload spring. I have about 3 inches lift, could gain almost another inch if I remove...
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    Hesitation in warmer weather

    I am having a similar hesitation or stumble that occurs once in a while, usually on very hot days in stop and go rush hour traffic, or when taking off from a red light with very light throttle. I know I am due for a fuel filter change, don't know if it could be a factor. I recently ran FORscan...
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    1996-2001 ford explorer / mountaineer workshop manual (5567 pages!)

    I just downloaded it this morning, no problems. Thanks to the OP for posting this.
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    Howdy from Texas!

    It's an 89, 5-speed, air, tilt, cruise, 2.9L. Since the motor is dead, I've been thinking about a 4.0 swap. I have heard that an early 90's ex will be the best donor vehicle.
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    2000 Tail Dragger fix

    When I bought this truck, the suspension was all messed up. The front torsion bars were cranked all the way up, the rear was lifted with air shocks, there were 4 different tires on it, and it rode TERRIBLE. When I hit a rough stretch of road (there are plenty of these down here in Texas) the...
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    1997 Explorer XLT ControlTrac 4wd Issue - HELP

    nhoeven, you described exactly the problem I have with my 2000 ex. I was hoping to find a solution here. So I took the advice given you and did the brown wire mod today and that fixed it! It took me longer to scrounge around the junk boxes to find a suitable switch than it did to install it. I...
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    Howdy from Texas!

    I've been visiting here so often I figure I might as well sign up! I bought a 2000 xls cheap, mainly as a motor donor for my Bronco II, but I have had so much fun driving it, I am planning on driving it for a while. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all.