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    How do you open the tailgate when a door lock actuator has failed when locked?

    So, I've searched and searched. Maybe I'm just not good at searching this issue. As stated, my tailgate door lock actuator has failed in the locked position. As there is no keyhole to manually unlock, nor any lock pin to use on the interior, how do you get the tailgate open to access the...
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    2007 radiator removal

    Wow, wish I saw this earlier today. I just did this job, and just as I was praising ford for the two piece fan shroud, I happened on the the whole condenser blocking the removal of the radiator problem. I just loosened the side brackets for the radiator and pryed them apart to get the radiator...
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    Squeaky Door Panel

    I also have this, like coming from where the handle to open the door is? Im going to take apart the whole panel and put new retaining clips on all over, I guess.
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    How hard is a thermostat change?

    Thats what I did, drained the coolant a little, disconnected upper hose from the radiator end, and swapped out the thermostat. Yes, it's accessible without removing anything else. Three quick bolts, and 28 ft-lbs of torque going back on, I think.
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    I did my Transmission Drain and fill today.

    Any special tools needed for this? I know its kind of a dumb question, but I havent read the manual yet, where is the fill hole for the tranny? I was under it the other day doing the fuel filter and and looked around and couldn't find it.
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    Annoying and PERSISTENT rear brake squeal!

    I just bought this 06 XLS, and a couple of days after we had it the rear brakes started squealing like a bus, even buses dont squeal this bad. So I figured maybe it was the indicators. The pads (motorcraft) had plenty of life left, however I replaced the pads with autozone cheapo's anyway...
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    creaking noise from near drivers door jamb

    My front pass door does this. Must be a defect in the hinge. I sprayed mine down good with a grease spray I had, didn't change anything. Prob just need to change the hinge.
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    Hello from Texas

    Had some oxidation, so I got that cleared up, with peanut butter... Before is on the right, after on the left...
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    Hello from Texas

    Hello all. I'm Ben. I just purchased an 06 xls. New to Explorer ownership, but not new to Fords. Looking for an 06+ 3rd row seat if anyone has one. Good site, glad I found it. Thanks.