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  1. ralfnada

    Not so new addition to the family

    Most of the money was in freight for parts from Rock Auto. haha.
  2. ralfnada

    Not so new addition to the family

    Bought this last year for AUD $1700. Needed about $1000 spent to put on the road. Very happy with it. 2003 Limited 4.6 V8. Bought to tow a 2500 kg. caravan. Still got Tonto ( the V6 XLT) that's hers now.
  3. Tonto, my 03 Explorer XLT hard at work.

    Tonto, my 03 Explorer XLT hard at work.

    Rescue mission for an Australian Ford Falcon utility. Tonto rises to the challenge.
  4. ralfnada

    Wanted known

    Any Australian members know where to get RH headlight and indicator for 03 UX model. Just clobbered a roo.
  5. ralfnada

    Cruise Control Woes

    Thanks Number 4, Where do you put these tags so that they become tags? How will I know?
  6. ralfnada

    Cruise Control Woes

    First time I've had repair this. Can anyone help with a link to an Australian supplier of Explorer parts other than Fomoco please? Need a brake cut out switch and a module for the cruise control on my 2003 XLT 4.0 litre Australian delivered Explorer. appreciate any leads. apologies if this is...
  7. ralfnada

    Friction Modifier in rear diff

    I am Todd, At least we have some options here. Thank you Delexploder, I would have thought that incorrect meshing of the heel and toe of the ring gear can cause this noise. I've screwed the dealer down to honouring the warranty for the replacement of the carrier bearings if this first plan...
  8. ralfnada

    Friction Modifier in rear diff

    Hi blue oval, thanks for your thoughts with this.
  9. ralfnada

    Friction Modifier in rear diff

    Does anyone know if the full synthetic Castrol diff oil made now still requires the addition of a friction modifier for the LSD clutch packs please? Just aquired a clean UX 03 XLT and it has the dreaded whine in the diff. The TSB back in 04 said change to a 120 and add 4ozs of modifier as...
  10. ralfnada

    Kurts 97 Offroad Aussie Explorer

    Kurt, good to see another aussie explorer. btw, bull bar, roo bar, crash bar, it does'nt matter what you call it, you just gotta have a big one! Size does matter.
  11. ralfnada

    New member checks in.

    Hi all, have just signed up not long ago after finding this forum. Am rapt to find a Explorer only site amongst every thing else. Took a while to post on here as we've just returned from an interstate trip by car and caravan. We used old faithful (he's a 98' UP Explorer Limited) yet again to get...