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    how bout a Explorer hybrid or diesel or dieselhybrid

    for better fuel econ on explorers a hybrid or diesel or dieselhybrid for power and tourqe and fuel econ and clean burning
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    can i put mercon V in my transfer case`

    i am put in a new transmission in my 92 the step is remove transfer case and now jan 1 07 mercon III is no longer to be made for said for tansmisssion use Mercon 5 not transfer case the case used mercon is it ok use mercon v
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    Would a 1995 Ford Aerostar A4LD work in a 1992 Explorer?

    the aerostars dash has two drive D and OD
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    Would a 1995 Ford Aerostar A4LD work in a 1992 Explorer?

    i got a 92 explorer eb and trans is off a 95 aerostar the differnce is the oil pan would it work the same:exporange
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    Dana 35 Lower balljoint casle nut removeal

    how to remove the cassle nut on the lower ball joint i have striped out the right lower nut because the axle shaft is in the way
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    would a HBC KE would work on a HBC KC

    :exporange i got a power steering pump off a 95 Aerostar for my 92 Explorer EB on the 95 pump Has HBC KE but my 92 Pump Has HBC KC are both pumps are compatable or interchangeable :exporange
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    How To test me A\C Compresser

    how to make jumper :exporange i need to make a jumper wire how to make a jumper wire :exporange
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    How To test me A\C Compresser

    were is the high puressere switch is locatied
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    How To test me A\C Compresser

    it was converted in june of 2000
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    how fit a 1997 explorer 302 v8 on a 92 eb v6

    :exporange i am thinking about puting a 1996 to 2001 ford explorer 5.0l V8 or 302 on my 92 EB or to lower cost to build my own 302 but i dont want to have a distbotor or a carb with a short block i want to stay true with a DIS Ingtion and EFI :exporange
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    How To test me A\C Compresser

    :exporange on my 92 the a\c blows warm or cool but the cluch is not engaging on it is may i need the a\c by july :exporange
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    How to remove the transmission with a 4wd setup

    :exporange i just got a new AL4D trans off a 95 Aerostar No Milles on the trans for free i look in books and internet only tells and shows you the RWD setup Not 4WD i need the steps for remove for 4WD setup :exporange
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    My Dashborad Reartail Lights dont work with my headlight

    :exporange My Rear taillights and dash lights dont work my my B2 wire a light brown tan white color wire is geting no Power to the headlight switch on my 92 the headlights work but no tail and dash lights:exporange
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    My Tail-Parking lights dont work with the headlight

    :exporange My 92 eddie bauer my b2 wire is a light brown white wire to the headlight switch pulg has no power what i schould do :exporange If you know there should be power there, then its time to get a wireing diagram. Then find where it gets its power from and follow it until you stop...
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    Ingtion - Neg for a 92 explorer

    i :exporange am installing a bulldog remote start i need to look for the ingtion neg - wire for the black box to work :exporange
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    where is the ingition -neg wrie located

    :exporange i am installing a remote starter i need to find a Ingtion - Neg wire :exporange
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    The Average Life on the motor

    :exporange i got a 1992 explorer eddie bauer with 160,690 highway miles and how many more i got left my cuz 91 is still going at 289,000 miles it city car :exporange
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    The check engine light comes on at 50 MPH

    :exporange my dad's 00 XLS that has 87,500.00 miles and the check engine light come on at 50 mph and i put on the Scan tool and i get 2 DTC PO171 and PO174 or System TO Lean on bank 1 and 2 so i started cheap with a new gas cap and cleared the code and 4 days later the check engine light comes...
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    Solved Lifts and Max tire sizes

    what is the best air ride lift kits :exporange i want to update the front coil i beam and rear leafs with air bags for my 92 EB :exporange
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    I Need some ford 16"rims cheap

    :exporange I need some cheap 16" rims that will fit the lock out in the center for my 92 eb because i got 4 free Michelin Cross Terrain but the size is P235 70R 16 not the ford P235 70R 15:exporange
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    Where can i find a replacement JBL Subwoffer

    :exporange i have a 92 EB with a factory cd player and JBL Premeium sound my rear woffer is blown and i want to replace it :exporange
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    To Remove The rear rotors

    :exporange My dad has a 2000 Explorer XLS and the rear rotors are rusted on the rear axle because i live in the Midwest-Great Lakes area ann the front rotors are rusted on to :exporange
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    To remove the busted Front bumper

    :exporange i hit a tree and dented the plastic bummper i need to remove but how :exporange