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    Cv help

    Trying to take apart outer cv joint or half shaft joint on 05 sport track .How do I pull the cv joint apart thanks
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    Wiring harness help

    Humm. I'm just looking for a 12 v. Wire .For the power supply on trailer plug. To keep the trailer battery charged just trying to figure out if this circuit will do the job
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    Wiring harness help

    Installing a 7-pin trailer harness on my 05 sports Trac there is two wires in the harness behind the license plate that's athey say positive andpositive and negative I'm just wondering if I can use the positive wire for the power supply in the seven wire plug
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    Manual locking HUBS?

    Is there a kit or can you change the fully locked hubs on an 05 sports Trac to a manual locking hub
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    Alignment after torsion twist

    Good day all looking for information on an alignment or if I have to do an alignment after I do the torsion Twist on an 05 sports Trac thanks for any help
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    Body lift help

    Found a cheap lift kit pa70023. Part number but kit says it's o oh for 01 02. Model years. Will it work on a 05. ?? Thanks for the read
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    Looking for help

    Hello all. So as of today I am a owner of a 05 sport trac fully loaded. Now to start my build. I can't find a lift kit for the front end i have tryed everywhere. If anyone has used parts for this truck or can tell me how much modifications to the Ranger lift kit is needed to put on my ST. Thank
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    New here

    Hey. Rick thanks for the reply. I went through. that yesterday and I keep coming up. With discontinued for the front lift of an 05 sports Trac was wondering if anybody has a link to a site where I can buy just a lift kit with drop torsion bars
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    01-05 Sport Trac 4x4 Lift Options Discussion

    Is the 4x2 or 4x4 and where did you get your kits from thanks
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    New here

    Hey all looking at buying a 05 sports trac to lift and have some fun with any information. On places I can buy lift kit. Tuner. Body lift. Lpg kit for a 4.0. Exhaust. Headers back would be much appreciated. Thanks and remember keep the dirty side down