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    More Vacuum problems...

    Are you sure the hose broke off? Some of them are just plugged from factory. The hose can be bought at any store really. Even just some cheap hosing from a hardware store can work. I don't have my Ford anymore so I can't tell u where the hose goes. But if its the same as mine, just plug it with...
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    Passenger Doors Miss-aligned

    Well I was offroading and I pushed up my rusty rocker panel. This also pushed both my passenger doors out of alignment. My rear is pushed backwards and up a tiny bit, while my front is hanging down a bit because it is now a bit loose. It really doesn't look like anything is bent, so would the...
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    My 1994 Explorer XLT

    Ya you can run 31's stock height. With a 4" lift 33's will squeeze on I believe. And on 7" lift 35's will squeeze on with some trimming. I'm personally doing 6" skyjacker lift for $1000, then whatever the price for 33's and rims are.
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    Santa is coming soon. What is on your wish list?

    1. A job 2. 6" skyjacker lift 3. 33x12.5 BFG M/T's on 15x10 rims 4. Build my snorkel 5. Fix rust 6. A new 4.0L engine 7. Snow, Snow, SNOW
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    Well I've done a few things. 1. Replaced PCV valve... Dear god that was bitter sweet. It was so easy I'm mad I didn't do it earlier, but now I start on a dime even when its cold, it doesn't burn blue, it idles amazing, plus it is way more responsive. So in short, all my engine troubles are...
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    Help with lift kit decisions.

    I never was on their site, I just called NSOR and talked directly to them. They could sell me a 6" BDS ranger lift for $965 plus 45 bucks for shipping.
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    How to: $32 Spring Over Axle Conversion - SOA

    How well do those brackets work? I'm thinking of buying a set because then I don't need to weld + screw around with pinion angles... But I heard they break unless you reinforce / gusset them?
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    Help with lift kit decisions.

    I don't know about a good deal. But at (from Vancouver) they sell 6" BDS suspension lifts for a ranger for $950 CDN. The kit comes with everthing, so all you need to lift the rear is new perches or the superlift ones. The BDS kit comes with an AAL so you can boost the SOA to 6" to match...
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    BC Mean Machine

    Nice truck. I'm in alberta, so Van Island is a little drive lol. I plan on doing 6" suspension lift with either 33s or 35s.
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    Well I got my hubs installed a few days ago, and finished my breather lines yesterday. I'll get a few pics soon. Also, I talked to a guy at North Shore Off-road and got a few quotes on different lifts. - Complete 4" trailmaster kit with shocks = $800. Amazing deal cause its been sitting around...
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    Low level water flooding need help

    It depends on your year of explorer. The breather line on my front diff is located right on top of it. My rear diff line is on my axle a few inches to the left of the diff cover. My transmission line is a small metal hose that is pointed straight down. And my transfercase line is a hose that...
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    92 xplorer 4x4 build up

    I know what you mean. When I had my street tires I was really surprised where I could go. Then I got mud-terrains and I was literally blown away. I remember we got a huge rain storm and I was out at one of our mudding spots. The entire area, even just the flat sections before the real mud was...
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    i know there alot about this BUT i want height

    I think he's saying he wants a 4" lift but with a lot of clearance. What lift is the best? And he wants to run 33s. Do what I'm doing. SOA with 4" lift in the front. IMO it seems to be the best for a medium budget and still giving you the height and room for 33s. Plus with SOA you get a lot...
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    Yes another lift question...

    Ya that might have been a better idea. Do I gotta re-make the thread or can a mod kindly move it for me? :) And I believe SOA gives between 4.5 - 5.5" of lift, depends on how sagged your leafs are. So I'm voting I'll get 5" at the most. Depending on how much rear lift I get, I may not even put...
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    92 xplorer 4x4 build up

    lol Your the same as me :) I'm doing 4" rough country with F150 coil spacers for about 5.25" of lift in the front and an SOA in the rear. Then either 33s or 35s, I haven't decided yet. I WAS thinking about doing SAS but it just seems pointless right now. I want a truck I can off-road in for a...
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    Yes another lift question...

    Before I start let me say I have searched...and searched...and searched :) But my question is a little more specific. Rather than doing a 5.5" superlift which was quoted at over 2 grand for me, I was hoping to do an SOA with stock leafs and a 4" rough country lift with F150 coil spacers...
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    How To: Transfer Case Fluid Change (Photo thread)

    Well I don't think its good OR bad... From what I know it just depends if your vehicle was on an incline, or how full your T-case was before you drained it. I know when I took off my shift motor I lost a tiny bit of fluid so I removed the top fill plug on the transfer case to check my level...
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    99 Eddie Bauer - Almost Cash for Clunkered!

    Nice explorer... Have you extended your breather lines? I'm not 100% certain but I am pretty sure you're going to have water in both your diffs, as well as your tranny and transfer case with water crossings like that. It doesn't take much to cut the breather lines and clamp on a longer piece...
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    Good on/off road tire

    I don't know about tread life, but I have BFG Mud-terrains and their actually very quite. Doing about 40 km/h I can hear them, but its not even that noticeable. Anything over 40 and I don't even hear them. My friend had BFG A/Ts and they were pretty good until he hit any mud at all, then they...
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    Okay well I went out mudding with a friend in a 4-runner with a 4" lift and 33s. Well I've got some work set for this weekend. 1. Install manual hubs...if they come tomorrow. 2. Extend breather lines (rear axle to tail lights. front axle + tranny + transfercase to near brake booster or cruise...
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    drivetrain breathers/vents, trans., tf case, frt, rear axle

    Sorry for the bump but I would really appreciate some pictures if possible? Just showing where the end of the breather lines are. I figure I'll try and get my truck as off-roading "proof" as possible before I spend some real money on it. Extending the breather lines, tranny temp guage...
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    Ya I'll do that today. I'll remove the intake and everything to clean it all and get better access to the lower end. Hopefully its just a leak and not an engine that's about to die.
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    Well I wasn't wrong and now its confirmed. I'm using 1 quart of oil every 250 kms or so................... I'm not burning blue, but I sometimes think I smell it. I'll check to see if its leaking near the manifolds and just burning off... Its 0ºC out right now and I have a garage that isn't...
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    1992 Dora the Explorer

    well $310 was the cheapest I found... Till I called NSOR out of Vancouver. $280 after every-things all said and done. I'll have them by Thursday hopefully and installed thursday or friday.
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    How to: $32 Spring Over Axle Conversion - SOA

    Little bump lol :) Quick question, seeing as how a 4" lift would leave my front end lower with an SOA. Could I just use some F150 coil seats for another 1 1/2 lift? Would I still be able to get my front end aligned?