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    Four Wheel and Off Road Mag Article: YAY US!!!

    nice guys, when i got my mag i was stoked, hell i went out and charged the battery in my old explorer and took her for a ride....almost forgot i had it still! :p:
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    Xtreme 4x4 first gen ex

    dont forget about jesse james', he made one into a garbage truck i believe :D
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    Question about overall longevity

    230K of total abuse on my 92 and still going strong.....255K on my wifes 95 and it runs great too.....just keep doing your regular maintenence and you should be fine for a while
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    mine is the same way, no worries, ps....dont use the turkey baster on turkey anymore :D
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    tranny help please

    Ok I'll tackle this this weekend and inspect everything...I appreciate your time. James
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    tranny help please

    thanks! Alright i'll give it a go.....i was gonna just get rid of it, but then id be sleeping on the couch lol
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    tranny help please

    Hi all, im bad at searching, i tried swear! Ok i bought my lady a 95 explorer 4.0 a good deal so i thought, but all of a sudden after 100 miles the tranny fluid looks like used motor oil, so im assuming the tranny is on its way out, so i called around, and every dang tranny shop...
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    1994 Explorer Engine Swap

    go with the newer one, i little more power, direct fit, and oem standards. IMO
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    1st Gen Explorer Pics

    Rob, that exhaust is sick, i think im gonna have to copy you on that one :cool:
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    1st Gen Explorer Pics

    I think there is a few of these threads out there already, but hell
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    any one have a billet grille for a reasonable price?

    the grille comes with a little latch extender, its easy to install and works great.
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    any one have a billet grille for a reasonable price?

    mine aint flimsy?? been on there through thick and thin....LMC Truck thats where i got it i believe
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    Hey - 93 Sport from CA here

    dont worry yourself to much bro, ive got 225K on my 92, its only burnt one tranny out and everything else has been fine...they are good solid trucks, just take care of it thats all.
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    Show off your LIFTED 1 Gen

    Been a while since ive posted mine...
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    Tranny question?

    my trans did that same thing.....drove it like that for 4 years! From what ive gathered its a sticking valve in the valve body, yeah anyone of those guys can answer your question with certainty. But this i do know, just shift it manually from first to second to drive (watch out in drive, mine...
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    The poor mans aftermarket bumper

    well i'll help, i'll buy a 30 pk of bud light, pee in coors cans, chill to liking, free!
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    The poor mans aftermarket bumper

    i didnt say it look bad either dog:rolleyes: I just want to help a fellow explorer driver out (while getting rid of shiz i'll never use in the process). Im glad to help out. PM me with your address, and i'll get you a final price. I work for UPS so i'll hook you up, i realize you are on a...
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    The poor mans aftermarket bumper

    i believe it needs the brackets that are shaped like U's, I mistakenly thought they were for the 1rst gen and had some made out of 3/8 in steel, and could not use them, i still have them and they are VERY nice, i paid 50$ from the fabricator, they are yours for 10$ plus shipping....if you want i...
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    I regret getting rid of my ex

    deceiving title on this thread, i was like "NOOO DUDE!! DONT TAKE HER BACK!!" :rolleyes: Then I read it and was like oooohh his explorer ok...yeah i refuse to get rid of mine, i wanted something else, so i bought a chevy Z71. I still have my explorer. (And i still hate my ex!)
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    Head Gasket! (Ouch!!!)

    I had a cyl 1 misfire code, turned out to be my coil pack was bad, replaced it with a junkyard special and havn't looked back...just a thought
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    Section525 - D44 2nd gen. leaves SAS

    Macho man :rolleyes: that things so badass, it looks bigger in person though.....I still have your tools dog :D PM me an addy and i'll send them to ya
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    Help!! Sludge......

    Seafoam is a good idea, that sludge will clog up oil passages and starve components in your engine of oil, and then you get the knocka knocka, and thats bad, seafoam it change your oil, run it for a couple thousand miles, seafoam it again, and it should be alright, synthetic oil will not sludge...
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    Help!! Sludge......

    seafoam.....its a wonderful thing
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    Tbars Project "X" begins

    what are we believing? :rolleyes: