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    upgrading '95 premium cassette to '98 premium cd?

    im pretty sure that you are SOL unless you have the amp in the back. the JBL premium head unit in my 97 wasnt actually a head unit, it just controlled the cd changer and the 'brain' in the back of the explorer. I dont think you're going to be able to hook this up, i could be wrong though. you...
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    Best Car Stereo for my X

    ive got a pioneer premier HU, you dont have to go fancy, but pioneer is nice, and if you do get an ipod at least youll have the upgrade potential
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    5.0L Explorer trans/Tcase

    hey, if you end up going this route and want to sell the 4404 transfer case let me know
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    Flip Screen With Stock 6 disc

    you willing to live without those vents? id just replace the HU
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    bass blockers

    ive got subs/amp/cap, just havent hooked 'em up yet. where would you recommend me picking that crossover up at?
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    bass blockers

    the crossovers on my audiobahn components arent doing the greatest job of filtering out the bass frequencies. ive looked around and it seems that bass blockers look like a good idea. where would i buy these? where would i install them? or am i on the totally wrong page here, thanks guys
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    are you going to marian or what?
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    installing 6.5's in a 2003 Explorer?

    if youve done something like it before, make them out of 3/4 MDF, if not, take it to a small shop. it can be a real headache
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    watts up! customs rx7

    how much does something like that cost, thats freaking awesome
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    what a joke a free repair that involves unscrewing your cd player, and they want $85?????? no one fall for this crap
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    The ELF panzys strike again

    those F*CKERS.... these are the a$$holes that raided my dads office and trashed it a couple years ago (or a group like them... hes a geophysicist for chevrontexaco), these people should die and rot in hell those punks
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    Air Ride

    you could go to a junkyard and get leaf springs off a relatively new 4door and throw on bilsteins
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    Box and Subs Installed! Thanx Everyone!

    there ya go, dont know much about JBL's, thanks for answering
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    Box and Subs Installed! Thanx Everyone!

    couple things, first off, it doesnt look like youve bridged your amp... or am i just looking at that picture wrong. second, are those kappas or kappa perfects, thanks man
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    Air Ride

    actually, your rear end will sag with regular shocks. any truck with air ride is going to have the softer 2door rear leaf springs. i know monroe makes replacement shocks in the $150/piece range. since you have a 99, you only have rear air ride, your front shocks are regular ones... anymore...
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    remote keyless entry DEAD.. ford wants big $$$$

    oh yea... ford said there are 2 parts, one in the door, one in the left rear cargo area... what does the one in the door do, i was aware of the one in the cargo area, thanks guys
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    remote keyless entry DEAD.. ford wants big $$$$

    well no crap they should fix it, its been there for 2 days and i have to go back to school a couple thousand miles away, i just want it fixed, and im going to stick them with the bill, all the same, im gonna have to pay up front for this, anymore ideas guys?
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    remote keyless entry DEAD.. ford wants big $$$$

    guys, my remote keyless entry has been dead since i had a stereo shop work on my truck. no keypad, no autolocks, no entry. fords telling me $175 for the new module, and possibly a whole day for rewiring it, due to it very possibly needing completly new wiring. what can i do, anyone have ideas...
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    better than my clarion, i have to go through 3 menus and adjust it by frequency, not just bass boost, long as it doesnt sound like a$$ (sony's *cough*), looks good
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    thats the exact headunit i was going to get, but i had a couple nagging questions, if you could answer them, that would be sweet.... does it recognize ID3 tags on the mp3s (track info, etc) and what are the subwoofer/bass controls like, thanks man
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    What car from Bad Boys 2

    maybe a TVR? those are showing up all over the place
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    Which Speakers to get??

    uh... infinity generally has a lot better quality speakers than polk.. go to a smaller shop thats been in business for awhile
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    Where are you going to college this fall?

    soph at Ripon College.... Red Hawks.... and division 3 athletics...WHOO
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    anyone here own a Yamaha R6?

    go for the r6, i took both out, and personally i like the way the r6 handles in corners a lot better....... damned parents raining on my parade, or else id have one in my garage right now (its a 600cc bike by the way, as the r1 is 1000cc)
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    Dealer Runaround?

    well, he has a v8, so he has 3.73 gears. i get an average of 14.5 MPG and i have one hell of a heavy foot. id try running better gas, if you can get it, run chevron. techron (an additive, like that STP stuff but better) is some of the best stuff you can put in your car. you may want to try...