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    1997 Explorer XLT ControlTrac 4wd Issue - HELP

    Is it the same sensor for the front and the rear? Also are the front wheel speed sensors part of the equation? I replaced my front driverside bearing (with speed sensor) and my 4x4 started blinking and won't engage even sitting still. 2wd,4hi,4low '95 6 cyl. If so is there a good way to test...
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    Which engines fit?

    Did you replace head bolts? Some are one time use.
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    Vaccum leake issue

    Also your IAC which controls your idle.
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    Bad A/C Compressor?

    Ran into this same thing on my 4.0 '95. I'm about to start searching on checking the electrical because the compressor turns freely with a 5/16" socket but won't cycle when I try to fill it. I want to make sure I'm getting a signal before I buy a compressor.
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    96 Explorer XLT instrument cluster lights issues, HELP!

    Also they can be blinky. Mine worked great for a few weeks and now some dim down or flicker. You definetly get what you pay for.
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    Putting LED's in the stock foglight wiring / mounts (solved)

    Would love to see a pic of them mounted up.
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    2001 Explorer Bad Vibration

    Is it at a certain speed that the vibration starts? Get worse as you get faster? Ease up on deceleration? You checked your driveshaft u-joints? You may have a knot on a tire. Check for a bulge on the inside sidewall. Check for red residue around the u-joint at the caps.
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    Air Ride - Simple Question

    I'd say you have a leak in a hose. Also check and make sure your ride sensors that attach to the front control arms and rear axle are attached correctly and haven't fallin off. My rear one the nub it attached to rusted off. The air-ride leaf springs are softer because the shocks are supposed...
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    Air Ride - Simple Question

    That panel drivers side rear that comes right off and theres the switch. If there is a leak you will hear the pump kick on pretty often. How often I can't say cause mine didn't cut on except when I got out of the vehicle or once in a blue moon while driving. But my check air-ride would come...
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    A little buying assistance???

    Kinda wondering why there are no pictures of the passenger side? If the body is clean and the interior is good. No rust and you like this style then it isn't a horrible price.
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    Anyone know of a guide for putting LEDs in the Dash? Also, a strange vent...

    Yeah buy a pack of 10 if you can that way if you get some that flicker you can switch them out. I have one that is flickering. I went with a blue because mine are kinda blue from the factory. Looks real nice. I thought about red to go purple but it wouldn't have matched the ac/heat lights.
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    HELP My car is squeaking!

    That spray probably penatrated into the ball joint after a few days. Be careful. I had a van that squeaked up to the day the balljoint broke. I was lucky I was just turning into a driveway and not going down the road.
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    Engine skips a beat, 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

    Check all your plug wires and make sure one isn't loose or not all the way seated.
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    Monroe 58617 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

    Sounds like you have a broken leaf on one side or warped. If so you may need to just replace the leaf springs.
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    My Explorer is totalled

    How much are they giving you for it and how much to keep it? When my 90' f150 got hit I kept it cause they weren't gonna give me much to keep it. A friend of mine just had his 2000 totaled by a driver rear-ending them and squashing the passenger side. He said insurance was gonna give him 2000...
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    Rear power window issue

    Gears in the window motor gone bad. It could be the regulator but if you pull off the door panel you can check the teeth visibly. The motor not easy to check. I had this happen in the rear of my explorer. The window wouldn't stay rolled up and would slowly fall down as I drove.
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    Belt not turning need to get home -READ ENTIRE THREAD

    Those belts can do serious damage if they come apart and are still rotating. Hopefully it just took out a hose and/or overheated. Good luck.
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    Are air shocks stock?

    Well if bad rust I'd check both but the shackles at the very back that attach the leaf springs to the frame. Mine have holes in them that aren't stock. hahaha
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    Are air shocks stock?

    Be sure to check the rear leaf spring shackles. The one I got for my son has them about eatten through.