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    2014 Explorer Drive train whirr noise

    Are you above or below 60,000? I had a wheel bearing replaced under the Powertrain warranty.
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    Weight Distribution Hitch??

    I use a Fastway E2 square bar 6000lbs hitch with our 3500lbs popup and it works pretty well. Without the bars hooked up I get 1-1/4" drop at the rear and 3/4" rise at the front. It's a pretty noticeable squat. Hooking up the bars I end up with no rise on the front and only a 1/2" drop at the...
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    Leaky Rear Diff

    I'm betting those are separate. When they replaced my vent under warranty they wouldn't do a fluid change except for customer pay so they'll probably try to get you both ways.
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    Time for tires

    I just put Defender LTX's on and noticed no different fuel economy, good to great traction on slush, ice and snow, but significantly greater tread noise than the (admittedly worn) Latitude HP's that came off. I may try to get them rebalanced if it annoys me any more but I think it's just the...
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    Trailer Brake Controller Recommendation?

    I tow a large tent trailer (3000lbs dry, 4000lbs max) and I use the Prodigy P2, as the P3 just added a fancier display and a memory for different profiles. You need the harness and as you can read above, the connector is under the dash. It was a real pain to get mine out as it was taped to...
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    Transmission Fluid Cap Leaking

    I was looking around the engine bay for a squeak (Alternator pulley? Leaky air box? Too many noises in there.) and when I was looking around the air box I noticed that the transmission fluid cap is COVERED in gunk, like it's been spewing fluid. Anyone else notice this? I'm going in next week for...
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    Just WOW Ford....

    Same complaints on mine as well but add on a leaky rear differential and leaky timing cover to the list in the first 30k miles. No single issue has left us stranded, so it's hard to get motivated to buy a new vehicle (especially since the wife loves it). Unfortunately when looking back at the...
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    Bottom Door Edge Issue??

    I'm taking mine in to get looked at next week for a similar issue. The paint is bubbling on the lower VERTICAL interior edge on both rear doors (and a spot on the hatch now that I think about it). Dealer agreed to photograph it and send it in to Ford, so we'll see what happens. This isn't a...
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    Ford Explorer: Are Your Rear Brakes Dragging... Most Likely Yes!

    My 2014 XLT with 33k miles has seriously uneven wear on the rears, both sides. In both cases the inside pad is worn down to about 3mm while the outside has at least double that left. The fronts are wearing evenly and honestly look brand new. I got under the thing the other day and on both...
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    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    That's what he said, I'm sure he meant R134a, although it's not on my work order anywhere.
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    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    Update 2: Brought it in and they found the timing chain cover leaking. According to the repair order they resealed the cover (RTV) and replaced the crankshaft seal. Took 3 days which was frustrating for 6.3 work units, but they explained that EVERYTHING on the accessory belt side had to come...
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    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    An update on mine: I took it in for a Works oil change earlier this year and informed them of the leak. They passed it off as "road grime" and I didn't press the issue. Fast forward to today I checked it again and it's definitely an oil leak, albeit slow (no measurable drop in oil level). I...
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    2014 Oil Leak REALLY!

    I took this picture of my timing chain cover back in the fall when I was putting on the snow tires. Is this what your timing chain leak looked like? In searching around I ended up on a 5th gen oil change DIY and I noticed that the bottom of that guy's timing chain cover looked like it had oil...
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    BLIS almost worthless

    A car's blind spot is entirely defined by the mirror position. By adjusting the mirrors I was able to put the car's blind spot exactly where the fixed BLIS activation area is.
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    BLIS almost worthless

    Since the BLIS can't be adjusted I started playing with the mirrors and ended up with a decent enough solution. The mirrors are set so that the BLIS light turns on just before the rear of a typical car disappears from the mirror and turns back off just after I can see the car out the front window.
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    2015 Lease rates, info?

    This post from an Edmunds forum explains what I've experienced (from multiple unrelated dealers). Edmunds Forum The Ford finance computer system takes this into account so I think the numbers come out accurate, but in my experience neither salesmen or finance managers can put down on...
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    2015 Lease rates, info?

    Not to threadjack, but my guy did the same thing showing me his monitor but we couldn't get them to match with any of the online lease calculators I was using. Now that I'm thinking back on it more, I think the issue was with how New York State handles rolling sales tax into the payments. My...
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    2015 Lease rates, info?

    This admittedly won't be the most helpful post, but I gave up trying to calculate lease payments with Ford. I spent literally an hour with my salesman (with him going back and forth to the magical and secretive finance guy) trying unsuccessfully to show me how the calculations added up. At...
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    Burning smell on test drive 2014

    I had the same really nasty smell on my test drive and then for a few days after mine was delivered. Nothing since.
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    QUESTION - Would a 17" OEM Steel Wheel fit on the Sport model?

    Yep, created my profile while waiting for delivery and haven't thought about it since. I'll update it while it's on my mind.
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    QUESTION - Would a 17" OEM Steel Wheel fit on the Sport model?

    I put the 17" steelies on my XLT today and I needed to grind down a particularly large weld joint that was interfering with the brake caliper, that's how close it is! I am very surprised to hear that the 17" will fit on the Sport with the bigger brakes. It did look like, however, that with a...
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    Shopping for a 2014 Sport

    We'll have 2 kids (second any day now...) and we got the 2nd row buckets (no console) specifically so that we can continue to use the 3rd row with child seats installed. We currently have 3 rows in our Kia Sorento, but because we can't flip the seats down, the 3rd row is totally inaccessible.
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    QUESTION - Would a 17" OEM Steel Wheel fit on the Sport model?

    Cool, thanks for checking that out. I think I heard the same thing about the brakes in the SHO and Sport being that same. I'll take this as another sign to just go with the XLT and be happy with it! In case anyone wanted to know, the inside diameter of the base 17" steel wheel is around 16 5/8"...
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    QUESTION - Would a 17" OEM Steel Wheel fit on the Sport model?

    Yeah they are the OEM wheels from a base model, bought them off Craigslist with tires for less than I would have paid for the wheels + TPMS elsewhere. I get that there's a lot to consider, this would be an easy question to answer if I had the specs on all the parts involved. From what I've...
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    QUESTION - Would a 17" OEM Steel Wheel fit on the Sport model?

    It's pretty confusing to me. Tire Rack shows 17" as an available winter tire package for the Sport, but has only four 17" wheel choices for the sport versus dozens for the base/XLT/Limited (no steels available for any trim level). Dealer couldn't help either, just referred me to Tire Rack.