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    Differential Shock Absorber

    Like I said, you do what you wany with your truck, I' ll do what I want with mine. Besides, I don't drive like an idiot. I have absolutely no problem observing the speed limits, unlike some on here have said. Ring a bell anyone?
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    Differential Shock Absorber

    My take on the "5th" shock. If it is so important, why did Ford NOT put it on all their rear leaf spring equiped vehicles? I have owned a number of Ford trucks, and not one of them had this shock. Mine was not worn out, you could hardly push it in or pull it out when one side disconnected, while...
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    Anti Seiz on brake bleed screws

    Evidently jremington59 doesn't know what anti sieze is for. By all means use anti sieze on the bleeder screws. I ' m looking at new front calipers because of someone NOT using anti sieze in the past. Truck is from Nebraska.
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    My Explorer fought the good battle. Does it have more fight?

    I can not tell you what to do with it, that is your decision alone. If it were mine, I would pull yhe heads and have them rebuilt, if the rest of the engine is in good shape. You know how it has been maintained. I seriously doudt you need to replace the engine. But you will know when you pull...
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    How to open hood?

    Yes, you can go through ths grill, just to left (drivers side) of center at the top opening. Use a long flat screwdriver. There is a slot at the top of the latch. Very easy to do. I have to thank someone else on here for posting the procedure last year.
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    cannot figure out vibration

    What is the frequency of the vibration? Engine RPM, tire/wheel. Are you sure it is in the front? Do you have the vibration if you are NOT moving. Have the vibration if you rev the engine? A bit more info needed here.
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    Is my clutch pedal normal?

    Let me ask you this. Do you actually have to push the clutch pedal onto the floor to activate the safety switch? Have you tried turning the key to start, push the pedal down to where it starts? If it has to go all the way onto the floor, surely there is an adjustment to the switch you can make...
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    Problem Starting

    Check the fuel pressure.
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    cannot figure out vibration

    Check for a tire that has a belt seperation.
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    Changed plugs, why is gas mileage still low?

    Quit relying on the trip computer for one thing. Fill up, record mileage, fill up record mileage, figure it the old fashion way. Will give you a better( more accurate) reading. Do that for a month or so. There will be a bunch of comments about this, but, disconnect the battery for 10-15 minutes...
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    Is my clutch pedal normal?

    Sounds to me like something is out of adjustment. I do not have a manual trans, so I am just guessing. But common sense tells me it is traveling too far. But the pedal should go nearly to the floor to activate the safety switch.
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    Oil on #6 plug?

    First place, 20oz. of coolant in two weeks is more than excessive.You would be better served by using a good quality stop leak in the radiator. I use Bars Leak aluminum sealer in my 96 4.0 OHV. It has an external water leak, and sometimes a miss when first starting it in the morning. The stop...
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    Question about the brake fluid flush

    Go ahead and bleed the brakes until ALL the fluid is fresh. Start at R/R, L/R, R/F, L/F. If you have a Mity Vac, you can do this yourself. Remember, KEEP THE MASTER CYLINDER FULL, or nearly full.
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    Need more bright head lamp

    Try this before you spend a lot of money on new headlamps. Check the voltage at the bulb connection. If there is a noticable voltage drop, say 12v when the battery voltage is app 14v, then you have a, 1- bad wiring or connection, 2- bad switch. I have in the past, used a wiring harness from LMC...
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    Oil on #6 plug?

    Why did you not replace ALL the plugs at one time? If you are getting oil in the combustion chamber, it is either broken/worn rings, or valve guides. If a head is cracked bad enough for oil to enter the combustion chamber, the engine would not run without a big miss, and you'd be blowing oil all...
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    Wet area around crankcase ventilation tube (?)

    It is oil vapor that seeps through the connection. I would not worry about it. Got over 30,000 on the engine? Normal. You can rrplace the hose if you think it is too loose. But it is just normal.
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    New problem

    The tire problem. Really not so much a problem, sounds like the rock tore the outer rubber from the belt. Even tbough it is not leaking now, it could have damaged the belts, and could start leaking in the future. This happens all the time in rocky country. The hiccup, only happens when turning...
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    Wet area around crankcase ventilation tube (?)

    Probably time for a new PCV valve. But the seepage looks normal also.
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    Power Door Locks Actuate by Themselves

    Another thing you can try. Go into owners manual, tells you how to turn off the auto lock function, then you can turn it back on again. I believe I did this too. However, old age is taking hold, and I THINK I still had to charge the battery.
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    Power Door Locks Actuate by Themselves

    I had the same problem a year ago. Charged the battery, problem has not returned since. Either low voltage, or coincidence, but the battery was low. Clean your cables, and charge battery with a charger, not just from the alternator. Hopefully that will eliminate your problem.
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    Oil temperature gauge (I think)

    Your oil pressure gage only tells you thet you have oil pressure or not. Looks like one of three things going on here. 1-your oil level is low enough that oil is moving away from the pickup,causing a momentary loss of oil pressure. 2- the wiring is loose on the sending unit, causing a momentary...
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    Bad Rust

    Is it surface rust? Or is it rusted through the metal? Show us a picture.
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    Very poor ride quality (01 EXP 5.0L AWD)

    So, you're saying, that at 140k the suspension parts ARE worn out. I will agree that is a lot of miles, but, doesn't mean they are in fact worn out.
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    CV 'clicking' but boots are intact.

    Jack it up, turn the steering all the way to lock, both directions, while steering held all the way over, have someone spin the front wheels and listen for noise. Just because the boots are good, doesn't mean the cv joint is good. Your squeaking is most likely fhe control arm bushings. As a...
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    fuel mileage

    FWIW. Filled up the Ex in Prescott Valley, drove to Ashfork,about 55 miles with mostly a quartering tailwind, A/C on about 1/2 the way. Back to Dewey with a quartering headwind, A/C on all the way, including about 4 miles of dirt road. Filled up in Prescott Valley this morning. 22.45 MPG. Ran...