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    Fog Lamp Mod 2001 (1999-2001?) Explorer

    It's great to see this thread is still in use. I did this mod over five years ago and it makes spotting the deer on the shoulder of the road at night much easier. My original jumper is still in place and hasn't caused any problems.
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    Door latch question

    Just finished replacing the latch on the driver's door and all the pictures really helped. I thought about just bending the spring but didn't want to have to try and get my door open in some remote location. Local dealer wanted $300-$350 to do it so I bought the latch for $50 and saved some...
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    new brakes and rotors

    Sure, you wait until after I've finished the brakes to tell me this. ;) Oh well maybe it will help someone else as I sure would have used them if I had known. Maybe I should have thought to asked but the kid behind the counter was busy telling me about his car and all the stuff he has done to...
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    new brakes and rotors

    Yea, that's what I've always done in the past too. Guess I know what I'll be doing on Saturday. Thanks for the info.
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    new brakes and rotors

    Do they recomend changing the rotors? I've only got 60K on them and they stop fine; no pulsating throug the steering wheel. My son has had several Japanese cars and the rotors were all so thin they couldn't be turned and had to be replaced. Guess that's one way to keep the weight down but on an...
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    new brakes and rotors

    Wow, Thanks! I done a lot of brake jobs and now I won't even have to open my Explorer manual to find out what is different for an Explorer. ;) Just kidding as I always like to know what I "might" need before I get into a project. I will print out your procedure though so I have it to check...
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    newb with a trailer wiring question

    When I was looking for one I found the direct plug-in ones at Auto-Zone, Advanced Auto Parts, and NAPA ... They were all about the same price. If your plug cover is missing (mine was) make sure you clean out the plug with some electronic parts spray.
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    Want to detail your vehicle? Do yourself a favor first. D/L this and read it.

    Thanks Finally got their email when I got home from work but now I have to adjust my browser to get it to work. What a PITA but I'm sure it's worth it so will keep trying.
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    Which air intake kit?

    The reason I bought a K&M FIPK, smog certified. 30 minutes isn't a long time but I didn't want to hassle with changing it.
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    Which air intake kit?

    Don't know about installation issues but... Try using the kick-down passing gear. That always takes mine up to the 4,000 to 5,000 rpm range. :bounce: :nono: Any less restrictive air filter system will increase the noise of the air going into the engine. It is a little noticeable when...
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    Porter Cable Buffer Models / 3M Products

    Wonder... how the 7424 would work on 100 volts 50 cycles? Sure don't want to burn it up practicing on my wife's car before I can use it at home on my Explorer.
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    Want to detail your vehicle? Do yourself a favor first. D/L this and read it.

    Anyone got the secret password to open it? Tried to register the free guide several times but stilll haven't received the password. Anyone get there's? Can you post it so I can open the last sections? Thanks.
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    Isn't it great wasting 1/2 a day waiting for home repair people?!

    Being home is never a waste of time. You could wash and wax your X. Post on this forum. And most of all not be at work! Wishing I was home @0310 on midshift. Hurray it's Friday!! (In Japan) :chug:
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    Do you drive with the windows down?

    Down when I'm home in Colorado but here in Japan :thumbsup: they are always up because of all the pollution.
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    Which air intake kit?

    The K&N is nice but.... it works best for on the highway use. According to the dyno readings sheet I got with mine the extra 5 hp that it gets is at 4,000 plus rpm. I like mine but you would have to have some really low gears to use the extra horses off-road. I went with it over the KKM because...
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    Auto transmission upgrades

    Thanks for all the information I can't wait to get back home and install everything.
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    Extended Service Plan??

    See if you can get them to come down on the price. Some of the insurance companies will adjust the price to sell you the policy but stay away from Warranty Gold like the plague. I lost $1,000 when their underwriter went under. No warranty, no gold, no nothing. :fire:
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    what shocks to buy

    Rancho 9000's is what I'd get as I like the idea of being able to adjust them from the driver's seat. I bought some cheap shocks a while back and they were better than my origional ones but just a little better. In most cases you get what you pay for. Maybe when I get a couple of other mods...
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    $99 AAMCO Transmission Flush Questions

    Al Do you still have a filter in your automaitc transmission too. If so how oftem do you change it?
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    Auto transmission upgrades

    Thanks once again I sure do like all the information that is available here. Monmix where did you get your Perma-Cool combo? I tried to do a search for it but most of the results were broken links or other forums talking about transmission coolers. Al thanks for the picture of the gauge...
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    Auto transmission upgrades

    It's time to be kind to my automatic transmission and I'm going to install a B&M model 70264 cooler and a temperature gauge. The problem is that the B&M temperature gauge looks like junk with only about 40 degrees of movement. Is anyone running an Autometer oil temperature gauge or a different...
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    Hella 500s on Grizzly Oval Guard 1st Gen

    Nice clean job It's nice to see a modification done by a craftsman. I'll definately use your switch location (if I can) and procedure when I install lights on my X. Thanks.
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    Extended warranty for timing chains?

    Since I have a lot of time on my hands.... here is the link to replacing the camshaft chain tensioner It's on the second page a little more than half way down but unfortunately it is an old post and the pictures are not there any longer...
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    Changed Fuel filter today. WHAT A PITA!!!

    Thanks for the information! Several months ago I bought the fuel filter thinking it was just like all the other ones I have ever changed. What a surprise! Decided that it wasn't all that dirty after all so took the filter back. :) Can't wait to get home now (I'm in Japan) and replace mine...
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    Extended warranty for timing chains?

    Ask to speak to the area manager As you saw under General Recalls with an E Vin, it says: 00M12 NOV 00 Campaign - Camshaft Chain Tensioner & Intake Gasket Maybe your's isn't that noisy yet but being so close to the max on mileage I'd ask to speak to the area manager. I think I...