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  1. Justawajz

    Rust to Riches, Blue's 98 Ranger

    Dang man, I don't think i'd have the patience to do all that!! Keep it going!!
  2. Justawajz

    motor mount/tranny question

    I'm pretty sure it's just the two motor mounts and the Trans mount..
  3. Justawajz


  4. Justawajz

    Differences in frame width between a 1997 and 2001?

    Also those headers don't work with gt40-p heads. So if you plan on pulling a 5.0 from a 2nd gen explorer/mountaineer they're not going to work anyway..
  5. Justawajz

    Lift for 2000 Mountaineer

    Search bra. This has been done many times..
  6. Justawajz

    Lift kits

    A body lift and/or strut spacers are you're only things you can really do with 3rd gens.
  7. Justawajz

    body lift or strut spacers?

    I've been running the same size tire with truxx spacers on my 02 Mountaineer for awhile now with no problems.
  8. Justawajz

    Legit 5.0 Water Pump Bolts

    Your good. I don't recall anything being bolted to the waterpump. Think the threaded ends may hold wires in place with little clips or somming. Mine may have long ago. I've had the motor out so many times I can't remember.
  9. Justawajz

    Legit 5.0 Water Pump Bolts

    94/95 mustang ones are the same length. I have some I got off eBay since mine were all rusty.
  10. Justawajz

    Headunit Install HELP!!

    Don't need that 2nd plug. Yellow I think is a mute wire possibly. And the other one is a vehicle speed sense wire. Some factory radios had a feature that would allow them to get louder as vehicle speed increases. Shouldn't need either one.
  11. Justawajz

    swaying in the rear.

    Some in/out play on the rear wheels is normal(about 1/8 inch) due to the c clips on the axle shafts.
  12. Justawajz

    Timken wheel hubs?

    Axle nut not torqued correctly..? I don't belive they came with timkens from the factory.
  13. Justawajz

    Hello from france

  14. Justawajz

    Another Mazda 5spd Trans issue...

    Slave cylinder in the trans freezing up..???
  15. Justawajz

    Power steering line size...?

    Alright I will check it out. Thanks, where did you get the fittings... Summit... Jegs.?
  16. Justawajz

    Low Speed Turning with AWD

    May be your transfercase.. There's a vicous clutch which can freeze up and cause binding and problems turning.
  17. Justawajz

    Power steering line size...?

    Anyone know what size the line in on the high pressure side for the steering pump on a 2nd gen v8.. I'm trying to use -6 an lines to replace the stock. I have one for the rack, just can't figure out the pump. Anyone done this...?
  18. Justawajz

    M50D extension housing

    Yep 4wd trans output shaft is longer.
  19. Justawajz

    FYI: A/C Delete Belt Length: 83"

    What engine is this for... ? im thinking of doing this on my 99 5.0.
  20. Justawajz

    Premium fuel??

    you may not notice any difference in running a higher octane fuel. If you were high compression or had some sort of power adder you would need to to prevent detonation. For our stock motor though..? I'm just saying.....
  21. Justawajz

    tranny mount

    When I swapped my auto for a 5spd in my 99 I used the same mount. It fit perfect, So you should be ok.
  22. Justawajz

    Ford & Toyota will work together on producing hybrid trucks.

    This is pretty cool. Never saw a partnership like that comming.
  23. Justawajz

    Getting ready to replace the brake booster questions

    I'm pretty sure I did this awhile back. The lines have some play in them. Just take care not to bend them too much
  24. Justawajz

    torque monster headers

    I ordered headers back in Feb and havnt recived them. I was in contact with him until a few months ago. Havnt heard from him since... I pretty much cut my losses.. im sorry to hear.. I still hope to come home and see a torque monster header box on my door step but im not holding my breath...
  25. Justawajz

    Torque monster headers gone?

    Wow a glimmer of hope yet! But I ordered mine the beginning of Feb.. so that's alittle weird.... feeling like I was forgoten...