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    i need your ideas guys i cant get the back low enough

    Aim industries or Chasis tech has drop springs for the rear of your truck. Mike
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    92 EX sport

    took me a little while, but here are a before and after picture.
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    tranny removal ?

    do you have to remove the exhaust crossmember in order to get the tranny out? thanks, Mike
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    Day, a great seller

    :thumbsup: just wanted to say he's an honest guy to deal with.. Thanks, Mike
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    Blee1099 , a great seller :thumbsup: Just want to say Ben is an upstanding,honest individual. Thanks, Ben :)
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    Hokies 21 Miami 14 - We WILL win Saturday

    Congrats to HOKIE & VBVA . You guys had the better team tonight. Mike
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    Hokies 21 Miami 14 - We WILL win Saturday

    O.K. HOKIE & VBVA, This is going to be Brock Berlins best game this year,or his life.I think Winslow will have 10 receptions(2 td) and the canes will win in overtime 45-42 because the defense can be a let down at times.The storm is a brewing boys, so take cover. Mike
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    Marlins WIN

    Hate those Yankess. Wahooooooooooooooo
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    How do you feel about the possible NHL strike in '04-'05

    Let them strike,it's not hockey anymore. It's more like figure skating with sticks.I mean, more padding,more helmets,face shields, less fighting, thinner glass. I love to watch hockey, but it ain't what it used to be!Mike
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    SUSHI, who does sushi ?

    What kind do you like if you do? Mike
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    8.8 Girdle cover decision, Hmmm

    They have some on ebay right now Mike
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    Fosters , then amber bock,killians,st pauli girl, becks,heinekin or grolsch
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    Radiator support rusted out, need advice!

    Dude , check with Cory at I believe they have the core support for less than $ 100.Then all you have to do is cut out yours and weld in the new one, instead of cutting out 2. Also do a search on this site and you will find a write up about the whole procedure. Good luck...
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    Check out this bizarre creature...

    It's my mother in law. We haven't seen her since she tried to sue us in 94. I was hoping she was dead. Damn, now I will have to keep an eye out for her .
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    I've been HOODWINKED!!!!!!!!!!

    I just had a phone call from them and they said it will be ready for shipping on Thurs.Yea right. I am still going to dispute it and write to the BBB. I guess in hind site , always do a thorough search of a company. Mike
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    I've been HOODWINKED!!!!!!!!!!

    Check this out from the Better Business Bureau Unlimited Performance Products who also does business under the name Unlimited Products This Report was developed from various sources, including the business, governmental agencies, and the experience of...
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    I've been HOODWINKED!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Derrick,They are working great, Thanks
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    I've been HOODWINKED!!!!!!!!!!

    Was the $295 a partial payment, or the whole thing? That was the total amount. The shipping was to cost about $80 and is between me and the shipping co.
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    I've been HOODWINKED!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's the story, I placed an order with Unlimited Products( May 27,for a 2 1/4 cowl fiberglass hood.They returned email, thanking me for my order the next day. On June 18, I received snail mail from them stating that they cannot start on my hood until I give them my phone # for...
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    DeLaHoya vs. Mosley , who do you like?

    Who do you guys think will win tonight?
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    What is your favorite cologne?

    Polo sport for me.The wife likes obsession, I'm not to crazy about it.I used to like a cologne named New West, but then again I liked Joven Musk, brut and old spice too.Oh, and by the way guys,(not implying the guys on the board),but I own a dry cleaning business and most of the guys that wear...
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    1st gen white A/C panel

    udmsvt wrote ok, i already have the white faced gauges......i want to know about the AC do THEY look? The 2 gauges look great together during the day, but at night when you turn on your lights, the white a/c panel looks like shi*. Mike
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    1st gen white A/C panel

    O.K Guys, I have the indiglo gauges and the white face a/c panel. You can take off the black one or not. The white one does come with 2 sided tape. I took off my black panel and put the white one on. Here is the only problem I have with mine.The 2 gauges look great together during the day, but...