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  1. Equnoxe

    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    thanks 97EDB, I could do that but would really like to try and get it to .5Ohm. The amp is pretty old, and I don't have the manuals, but those are the ratings. here is the end of the amp. its been running six SVC tens, wired in parallel (+ to + and - to -) to get a .66OHM load. been like...
  2. Equnoxe

    two mini shocks up front

    picture please?
  3. Equnoxe

    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    thanks everyone, but I'm just looking if these subs will blow up or not with my amp. I'm more looking for spl Factory ratings: 1 x 500 Watts @ 4 ohms 1 x 1700 Watts @ 2 ohms 1 x 2200 Watts @ 1 ohms .5 ohm stable on good electrical (14.4V) 2 x 800rms/3000peak DVC subs wired in parallel =...
  4. Equnoxe

    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    ah true, yea I had planned on using the 0gauge wiring from my truck, got 50ft of it in there so there should be plenty lol. I haven't bought them yet, but I had been looking at a similar type R (Alpine SWR-1023D) but the pioneer had better power handling. 800/3000 opposed to 600/1800. I...
  5. Equnoxe

    Need some opinions on Amp/Sub combination

    I have an American bass xd2000, BassWorx GPH210BK, and am looking at putting two Pioneer TS-W2502D2's with it. the box is a dual 10", dual port with a volume of 2.4 and tuned to 40HZ the amp has been running at .66OHM daily in my truck with no problems, I'm looking to take it to .5ohm...
  6. Equnoxe

    Equ's 1st Ex: 'The eXploder'

    Should probably start a registry :P Well when I was 16 I had saved up the 4000.00 for a vehicle, and found a COMPLETELY stock and mint 1997 Eddie Bauer SOHC with 180K. It sat in the yard, getting driven occasionally, waiting for the G1-G2 period to end.... and since then I've been addicted :P...
  7. Equnoxe

    How Can I Join 2 Alternators + 4 Batteries

    Hey thanks for reading! I know I can just buy a new alt with more output but I'm NOT INTERESTED in that. I want something different, and a challenge. So please don't post saying to get a bigger alternator, a cap or more battery's... I want to have both alternators charging all the battery's as...
  8. Equnoxe

    Woot!! I finally got my 1354 but...

    got it in :) I threaded a screw into the hole of what was left of the sensor and was able to slowly wiggle it out.
  9. Equnoxe

    Woot!! I finally got my 1354 but...

    this is probably going to be a dumb question but I've confused myself... I picked up the 1354 mechanical and found that the speed-o has been snapped off and I'm wondering what I need to put this in my truck... I have a 97 sohc, 5R55E, Control Trac 44-05. I have the new drive-shaft already, do...
  10. Equnoxe

    Need Opinions On Picking A New Gear Ratio

    that is awesome! thanks a lot :)
  11. Equnoxe

    Need Opinions On Picking A New Gear Ratio

    Hello :D I'm going to be upgrading to 35's and 10Inch wide rims on my truck in the summer, my truck handles the 33's fairly well considering its stock (although I'm very lucky to have 4.10 stock...) I was wondering what ratio i should go with? I only need to be able to go up to 110KM or...
  12. Equnoxe

    in serious trouble?

    Hey, in the mean time you can put a sheet of clear plastic over the back door (assuming you can still open it. (wrap plastic around lift gate, get someone inside to hold it taunt and then close the door. pillars are the vertical parts of the body of the car that go between the windows. (the gap...
  13. Equnoxe

    Best way to hook up fog lights

    x2 and i would say its always better to install your own proper harness' instead of splicing. just not worth the risk
  14. Equnoxe

    5R55E Swap, Hit a snag and need some help.

    Hey, my transmission finally gave in and died... got a code, P1762, saying that the overdrive band has failed. So I happen to have a 5r55e from a 98 SOHC and started to swap it in.. well i got the my truck totally dismantled no problem in a few hours but... there is sensor just behind the bell...
  15. Equnoxe

    Whats a good HID kit

    i have the 55W 5K from ddm in my bike and they are great. i dont have the upgraded harness but i dont think it would hurt to get it for the extra 12$. i will be buying hids from them again for sure.
  16. Equnoxe

    My 1992 Explorer has a sticking accelerator pedal.

    the first gens are bad for this, on the throttle body there is a black cover over the area above the cables, take this off. you will now see the spring that returns the flap the resting position. clean that out with brake clean then apply WD-40 and move it to WOT/IDLE with your hand. if the...
  17. Equnoxe

    Still Hard to start after replacing everything lol.

    Tested the pressure and it goes up to the proper spec at first turn of the key, but then drops down to well below within a few seconds. I would like to do the fuel pressure regulator and intake gaskets, but the stock one seems to be one piece with the braided steel lines and the replacement...
  18. Equnoxe

    Is anyone running a 3 1/2 - 4" BodyLift?

    Lmao :P, redneck or what.
  19. Equnoxe

    35x14.5x15 on 15x7? lol

    yea I didn't think so lol, oh-well ill have to keep looking..
  20. Equnoxe

    Is anyone running a 3 1/2 - 4" BodyLift?

    eh I dot really think it would come to that, I'm using grade 8, and its not like I'm jumping it or doing crazy rock crawling :P Idk what I'm going to do for materials though..
  21. Equnoxe

    35x14.5x15 on 15x7? lol

    lol I can get a set of 35x14.5x15 gumbo monster mudders for 200$.... only have the stock limited or deer print rims though... you think I could get them on the rim? :O :P
  22. Equnoxe

    Hood latch Help

    can you get a wrench/socket in there and unbolt it? I'm pretty sure its just one bolt on each side. I accidentally closed the hood on a rattle can cap one day, and it actually somehow wedged my hood closed.. had to take a pry bar and smash the cap into piece so the pressure was released... any...
  23. Equnoxe

    Breaking wheel studs

    Idk that's weird, what did you torque them to? In the future just put a little dab of grease on the end of the nut and then you put it on. Ive always done that and never had a problem.