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  1. J

    bad alt?

    This might help Sorry i miss read the post
  2. J

    bad alt?

    This is an old shade tree diagnosis. While your truck is running, pull the negative cable on your battery terminal. If the truck dies it's the alternator. Put your old alt back on if you didn't return the core and do the test
  3. J

    Power window problem W/4WD lights flashing

    Not sure about the 4wd lights flashing but there are a lot of posts on the power windows not working here and I agree with them. I had the same problem. Pull the boot between the drivers door and the jam. Look at the wires, I had 3 sets of wires broken inside the boot. I soldiered them and then...
  4. J

    simple upper intake gasket question??

    don't put those thin paper gaskets on your lower intake. The lower intake gasket is 1/4 inch thick. you need to get it from ford (PN# F6TZ-9E436-C). It has the silicone rings. When I took my upper intake off there was "NO" paper gasket on top of the fuel rail.
  5. J

    simple upper intake gasket question??

    Baddriver, take a look at my post, P0171,P0174 1999 ford exploder 4.0L OHV this might help.
  6. J

    P0171 & P0174 codes on a 1999 Ford Explorer, 4.0L OHV.

    The dreaded P0171 and P0174 codes. Everything was taken apart, checked and re-checked. Only thing left was the upper and lower intake gaskets. What a job and a lot of issues but it has been accomplished. No engine codes, knock on wood, yet. Been thru the ringer on this one. Had all the problems...
  7. J

    New Member

    ABS light, Airbag light. Hey Jake, just signed on today myself with this site. Great info here, been looking thru the posts and there is a lot of good information here. Glad to be a part of this. I have a 1999 explorer 4.0l OHV. I have run into a few problems your describing. First, the...