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  1. jadez03

    Troubleshooting misfire, How concerned should I be about this?

    Troubleshooting a misfire in my 4.6L 3V V8. Ran rough this morning, pulled codes after work...misfire on 7. Replaced 7. First pic is old plug on right and brand new plug on left. Second pic is the same but the new plug after 1mi of test driving where the misfire returned. How concerned should I...
  2. jadez03

    Major Discovery for OBD-II Scans!!!!

    !!! I will be trying this out this weekend and will report back. Been feeling weird transmission issues with no codes able to be pulled on my non-Torque iphone app. Thanks for sharing!
  3. jadez03

    What to Expect from Ford

    :burnout: A moment of silence for our fallen MPG's please...
  4. jadez03

    Electric fan conversion info.

    Sounds more paranoid than anything but I agree, to each his own. Personally I believe in the freedom of information to flow and enrich human lives through the internet. I have no problem putting myself out there, I love the internet and all that it has done for humanity. (I take the good with...
  5. jadez03

    Electric fan conversion info.

    Why don't you go to and upload them? No account required, easy to copy and paste the BBCODE urls into the boards here, and then you don't have to personally respond to every person that is interested. :)
  6. jadez03

    Any good traction aid out there?

    I live in Alaska, all you really need is a shovel and bag of sand or kitty litter and it would accomplish much of what those look like they'll do. I could be wrong though, the copy on the website makes those look neat, but I have my doubts on what a molded piece of plastic is going to do. If...
  7. jadez03

    who's dealing with the cold weather?

    I'm livin' in Alaska - enjoying the fact that it's warmer here right now than many places in the lower 48. :)
  8. jadez03

    Best MPG Mods?

    They gave you some tricks, what exactly were you looking for? "This school teacher invented a way to get 100mpg in a 1 ton truck! Gas stations hate her!"
  9. jadez03

    Strange Noise (Revving) with Acceleration - Intermittent

    Still searching - it's probably the fan glitching out but I haven't heard it much these last few weeks. I wonder why it's so intermittent. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me? :P
  10. jadez03

    Seized Engine total surprise

    I'd be interested in hearing the cause after your mechanic figures it out - that definitely is odd! Good thing your daughter is safe though! A new engine is a better expense than a funeral...
  11. jadez03

    What did Santa bring??

    I got a kindle fire HDX. I'm gonna root it and put a custom android rom on there so I can use torque and use it as a bad-ass external oil/trans temp gauge. :D
  12. jadez03

    'twas the night before Christmas

    Happy holidays! Hope everyone gets the new mods they want! ;)
  13. jadez03

    Yet another 4x4 problem.

    Uhh...what thread? I think you forgot a link ;)
  14. jadez03

    Strange Noise (Revving) with Acceleration - Intermittent

    Keep us updated, I have this same type of noise and I've yet to determine where it's coming coolant levels are topped off though, and mine doesn't seem to do it at idle.
  15. jadez03

    Lighting issues in my 07 Sport Trac

    Mine is out as well, seems to be a common issue with these units. The display comes in and out, seems to come back when it's particularily cold outside...not sure why. I'm going to be throwing an aftermarket deck in there, so when I do, I'll try and do a teardown of the unit to see if it can be...
  16. jadez03

    07 sport trac block heater

    Interesting link. In the lookup for my 07 Sport Trac, it has a bunch of things listed in the optional equipment that I didn't think mine had, such as heated windshield and the heater in the engine block. Is this a list of available optional equipment at the time of the sticker being made or...
  17. jadez03

    Purchased a "drone" to carry GoPro 3

    Neat! I've always wanted one of those. How much did the quadracopter run you?
  18. jadez03

    Oil Capacity / V8 Explorer

    Synthetic oil. Sorry if my old thread bumps are annoying. I'll tone it down.
  19. jadez03

    2007 engine problem

    What do you mean by it work hitch up? Like a bucking feeling? Or a loss of power?
  20. jadez03

    nicest 00 explorer around

    Any 4x4? Or all 4x2? I just got a 2007 4X4 V8 and paid a hell of a lot more than
  21. jadez03

    V8 Owners, what are your RPM's at around 75mph?

    I posted a thread recently with my experience on this one. It was in my sport trac but the principle is the same. Check it out here.
  22. jadez03

    02 Explorer 4.0 stalls after starting/won't start at all.

    Have you looked at the fuel pump emergency shutoff inertia switch? Maybe someone is accidentally triggering it intermittently. It's generally underneath the passenger dash on the right wall. I've also read threads about these inertia switches going bad and tripping without any intervention.
  23. jadez03

    cold morning start.

    At the beginning of your question about the cold start, I would say check your battery voltage and connecting cables for corrosion. (Even inside the insulation)...but with the flashing check engine light, you need to get a code reader, hopefully the code thrown will help you pinpoint the...
  24. jadez03


    You're in good company. :D Welcome!
  25. jadez03

    nicest 00 explorer around

    Hmm, as I gave up photobucket years ago you're probably right. I must have been thinking of imageshack. It's crazy though how many old threads I'll drudge up that have broken photos. On topic though, I wanna see some pics of twotoneexplorer's ride! :P