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    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    Sorry, totally forgot to get back here... I believe it is the 2 core, is much thinner and looks like it's missing a 'row'.
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    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    Huh, interesting. My guess is its a two core then, but I'll take a look at it and get back to you
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    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    I've only ever seen/heard of 1 or 2 core. Are you referring to how many "units" thick it is? Off memory, it is a thicker single core. Link below.
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    For Sale New 2nd Gen 5.0 Radiator (TYC)

    New, unused, but has sat out of box in a (clean) barn with plugs over fluid ports. Some very small 'dents' in the cooling fins, but nothing that would affect operation. Comes with adapters and radiator cap, will cut off before shipping. $50 shipped, OBO. PM for pictures
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    SOHC passenger side/rear chain guide upper Right timing chain guide assembly upper positioning bolt: F77Z6U000BA
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    the X so far

    Moisture Some Master Technician. You would leave that like that if such a torn boot came through your shop, costing the customer a more expensive repair down the road? Theres something to be said for not performing petty labor on a 13 year old vehicle, but a hole such as that could...
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    2002 Explorer stuck in park while turned on. Please help!

    Welcome! EEK! I hope he got his truck out of park by now! That was more than 8 and a half years ago! Generally it is frowned upon to bring an old thread such as this "back to life". No harm, you're a new member and it happens. Welcome to the forum! :)
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    the X so far

    Tie Rod Boot Loks like you need a new inner tie rod boot/baffle. Also may need a new inner tie rod as well depending on how long that's been like that. Hopefully no moisture has gotten into the rack.
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    Corroding/Rusted strut?

    Rust Hehe you should see under my truck...... :eek: Seriously though that's some weird looking rust. Probably nothing I would worry about though.
  10. 3000 mile k&n filter

    3000 mile k&n filter

  11. 3000 mile oil analysis

    3000 mile oil analysis

  12. Front End Rebuild

    Front End Rebuild

  13. Front End Rebuild

    Front End Rebuild

  14. Front End Rebuild

    Front End Rebuild

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    Amsoil Dual Remote By-Pass Kit Install (pictures)

    Update Just got back the 3000 mile analysis from Blackstone and got a picture of the 3000 mile filter cut open. I wonder why the flashpoint is consistently low, between the old dino oil and the new Amsoil. It will be interesting to see the result of the next sample.
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    1996: run cooling system at no pressure? Many use it for classic cars, but I don't see why it can't be used here. With no water, there is much less pressure. The only disadvantage I see is if you need to do a big repair on the engine, you will have to drain the expensive lifetime coolant.
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    What do you guys think... First gen sleeper.

    While I agree with the above, that fast is a relative term in an explorer, this sounds like its gonna be an awesome build, and a fun one to watch. 1) Cam- I really don't know much about cams either, but neither do a lot of people. Cams are a very complicated thing- duration, lift, profiles...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Pssssssssst...... Read the thread :p: He's a little beyond that point.
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    Add Aftermarket Subwoofer Amp to OEM MACH Test your Mach audio knowledge!

    Ok after a lot of tinkering, and a lot of listening to my friend complain about how long I was taking, I got it. The solution was not to ground the high audio mute wire. Turns out that is the ford equivelant of the remote turn on wire. (It was later used as just that, with a 5V relay, because...
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    v8 badges missing-Now that we have it P0125, P0340 and P0171 codes. Please read !

    You have my concurrence on all three counts!
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    4406 TOD discussion

    Thanks for the info. I've mostly been looking here in jersey and it's nearly impossible to find one with low miles. I'll have to stop there if I'm nearby any time soon. Good luck with your wiring!
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    v8 badges missing-Now that we have it P0125, P0340 and P0171 codes. Please read !

    Haha whatever movie that's from, Blazing Saddles is a great movie! :thumbsup: "Somebodys gotta go back and get a sh*tload of dimes!" :D
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    4406 TOD discussion

    Heres a great thread on making a control for the 4406E: I'd help more, but I'm still a 6 months to a year away from my 5.0 drivetrain swap. I'm more worried about finding a good 4406E than I am about wiring it up.
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    Add Aftermarket Subwoofer Amp to OEM MACH Test your Mach audio knowledge!

    No the stock system DID come with a sub. Sorry if I didn't make that clear in the first post. This is my entire issue. Getting the lows to the rear quarter panel where the stock sub was. When the stock amp is unplugged, the HU no longer sends the low signal to rear of the truck. My belief is...
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    2nd gen engine in a first gen, not o2 sensors?

    Tuner and tunes is probably between 400 and 600 dollars. I'd say get the tuner and delete the rear o2 sensors with that. With what you're wanting to do, a tuning set up will be indispensable. Obviously to run the tuner though, you will need the whole OBDII computer/system. This thread will...