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    Transmission life span

    Of course i know it depends on taking care.. dodge vechiles will go out. no question at around 150k to 200k.... what about ford??
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    5 speed auto transmission?

    it it was not locking up TC... i promise you i am having 5 speed gears because it is chganging all through and i counted it in each gears..
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    Transmission life span

    Hey I was wondering how many miles can transmission last up to? I have got 1996 Explorer with 155k on it and it shifts real great as it should. and my friend has a 96 explorer and finally failed at 199k and end up for a rebuild which cost him 700 for it. I was wondering how much lifespan it got...
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    5 speed auto transmission?

    My explorer is a 96 model so does that mean i have 5R55E tranny? thought it was 4R55E?
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    5 speed auto transmission?

    Hey everyone.. I have drove alot of vechiles.. and i am only 20 yrs old and in during 3 years.. i own 23 vechiles... I know what 4 speed exactly feel like. i even own a 3 speed auto before.. ofc manual.. but in this point i am wondering... My explorer shows 4 speed auto but when i was driving...
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    How many miles will an explorer go for?

    My '96 explorer has 154k and going strong. orginal engine of course and tranny too. My friend have a ford ranger (same motor as explorer) had 342k on it. orginal engine but 2nd tranny.. caught on fire due to lemon tranny. could have reach 400k easy and ran like 60,000 miles motor. good luck!
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    Another 4x4 engagement thread

    I have the simlar problem... when i was going up hill and kinda wet grass... the rear wheel only spins and it should transfer it to front too cuz i was in 4wd auto oh its 96 xlt... and the steering wheel feel like it is clucking.. i am deaf by the way and i cannot hear what it sounds like when i...
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    road trip MPG

    faulty O2 sensor i forgot which bank but just one but it is always the best to change all 3 as for OHV 4.0 once one went out cuz other 2 will go out soon cuz it is getting a weak voltage. am i right? still getting 18 mpg in city... would love to see 20 to 21 in city and it will happen :)
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    road trip MPG

    of course... check engine light Of course I got it checked and it needs EGR and O2 and my cats has to be going out cuz it smells stink. and I usually get 18 to 20 in the city actually 50 percent city and hwy. but went to a first road trip to AL. and made it 21 mpg but i know i can get...
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    road trip MPG

    I got 21 MPG out of 450 miles route trip, filled up at 380 miles at 18 gallons of tank and that is with check light on and kinda of bad emission. needs egr and 3 O2 sensors and cats. All stock. not bad. What about yours? oh also city mpg? i am getting between 18 to 20 in city. usually 300 to...
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    She's HOT

    Try that vaccum valve where the heater controls it, or since u say it idles rough when it is cold.. it is common problem for the SOHC that it has a blown O-ring which could have a bad intake gasket along together where it could be leaking some of coolant there. I highly doubt it is the head...
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    Who has the most miles on 2nd gen X

    152k on my 96 xlt and runs real strong. all orginal and i'm the 2nd owner :)
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    white gauge face

    I was wondering if i could take my cluster out and put in a sport trac cluster in cuz i like their white face and it has same setting as my 96 xlt.. wonder if anyone has tried that yet? if not i'd try that.
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    Is your throttle body clean?

    what i would do is?? Put it in a carb cleaner can and leave it for 24 hrs or buy a new one.. simple..
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    CEL help! Codes Listed

    I've got the same problem I am not sure if it is MAF or MAP whatever it is because I dont have any thing that looks like MAF like the mustang 4.6 or older 4.0 ohv or the 4.0 SOHC. i have a part that looks almost like a GM MAP sensor but It is running kinda rough at cold start and run ok when...