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    Oldest and youngest EF member?

    I did flush it, but that didn't help, it was to late. I know they say not to flush a high mileage tranny, but it was worth a try. at that point you have nothing to lose. The reason I didn't catch it earlier was that the car doesn't lose any liquids, not coolant, oil or tranny fluid, so I...
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    Oldest and youngest EF member?

    So far I have you all beat on the oldest, 75 and will be 76 in November. BrooklynBay: In 2008 you saved me a bunch of money. The transmission shop said I needed the tranny rebuilt. Not being convinced of that I checked here and found what I thought might be the problem. I changed the...
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    Watchtime Magazine review of new Explorer

    Why am I on this forum? Just to point out the new X does not rise to the bar Ford set for it. Since we are discussing a review of it it seems to me all opinions should be welcome and discussed. If Bluetooth and on board nav makes your day you will be happy with it. I want a vehicle that...
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    Watchtime Magazine review of new Explorer

    I knew I would start a war with that post, but that is my opinion and I'm sticking with it.LOL If you are happy with it then by all means buy it. It is not my cup of tea. And as far as Iphones go I don't own one or want one.:) I have a simple cell phone that we use primarily on trips and...
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    Watchtime Magazine review of new Explorer

    I am not saying it won't sell, I'm sure it will, but it is not an X in the true sense of the word as far as I'm concerned. Ford set the mark for SUV's and it wasn't unit bodies and front wheel drive. I detest front wheel drive, if that was what I wanted I would drive a car with it that got...
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    Watchtime Magazine review of new Explorer

    The two most important things on the X was the rear wheel drive with four wheel on demand and the truck chassis it was built on. The 2011 X is a unit body and front wheel drive, neither of which is desirable to me. As far as I am concerned the new X isn't an X at all, it is just another...
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    factory alarm system question

    X's did in deed have factory anti theft protection, mine has it. It may depend on what model X or Mountaineer you have but it was on at least some models. Mine works, I know when I set it off by accident. I had been under the hood and thought I had shut the hood tight. I locked the car and...
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    I had essentially the same problem you have. The problem was a dirty filter. The tranny would check full or even over filled but the dirty filter was causing the tranny to not get the flow of fluid it needed. If you don't know when the filter was last changed I would start there. Oh, and...
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    Electrical issue

    That is a serious short. It has to be something that doesn't go through a fuse or the fuse would blow and that eliminates a lot of things. What I would look for would be a shorted starter motor or something in the starter circuit.
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    How to get the guage the shows which gear your in working again?

    That is dirt cheap, if that's what I priced from Ford they wanted $50 for it. Once you replace the cable put the truck in drive and adjust the wheel until the indicator is centered on D. Nothing to it.:)
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    How to get the guage the shows which gear your in working again?

    If the cable is broken the only thing I know you can do is replace the assembly. How big a job that is I don't know, that was not my problem. The nylon bracket broke on mine and I was able to repair it without removing the whole thing. I'm not sure what the assembly consists of.
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    How to get the guage the shows which gear your in working again?

    There is a loop in the end of the cable that goes over a lever on the indicator. Is it in place?
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    Pulling ABS Bulb

    The picture on the right shows you where the power box is located with the fuses. The picture on the left shows you which two fuses to pull. My ABS light does not come on with the fuses pulled.
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    Help Please

    If you are looking for the door number keypad, that is located in the jack compartment of the truck. It is on the module at the front of the compartment and you may need a mirror to read it.
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    Will at 4 door drivers door fit a 2 Door Sport

    Normally a two door has a larger door. There is (or was) a two door here in Pensacola. If you can't find one I would assume they would ship it to you.
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    any specifc oil filter for synthetics

    There is no difference in what filter to use for synthetic oil, but about everyone agrees to using the Motorcraft FL-1A filter.
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    Well I finally did it! Got the EX fixed!

    Your front end alignment could cost you more than just the alignment if you have worn ball joints. Trying to align the front end won't be of much use if they are worn. I replaced my lower ball joints and upper control arms (you can't just replace the ball join in the upper control arms) and...
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    What a rip off !!

    The only time I take the X to the dealer for service is if it's a recall. While independent shops are cheaper you have to be careful with them to. I was having a problem with my tranny and took it to a transmission shop and they told me it needed a rebuild. I didn't think so and checked...
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    water leak issue please help

    I haven't had the problem and I don't know if you have to drop the headliner or not. I am wondering if you might be able to blow compressed air in the channel to clear it, but I don't know. You might also be able to pull the trim from around the seat belt and get to it. I just don't know.
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    water leak issue please help

    There was a thread on that just the other day. I am assuming you have a sunroof as that is usually the problem. The drain channel gets stopped up with junk and the water leaks into the vehicle.
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    Tranny fluid change question

    Since you don't have any service records I would drop the pan and change the filter. A dirty filter can cause problems, I know that from experience. If your fluid is red and doesn't smell burned you should be fine. It will take 5 qts to fill after replacing the pan. Add the last quart a...
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    Fog lights don't work.

    There should only be power there with the headlights on and on low beam. It is possible the bulb is burned out on that little indicator light, but if it doesn't light I would check for power to the switch.
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    Fog lights don't work.

    On my 95 they only work on low beams, I don't know about the 2001. Since you have checked the fuses does the little green light light up on the fog light switch when you turn them on? If not I would check the power to the switch, if you have it there you could have a bad switch.
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    Skil 14.4 V cordless drill, opinions?

    My daughter got me an 18V. B&D for Christmas and it seems to work great. I have used it to spin lugs off and on on the wheels among other things. I removed the power antenna on the X the other day and it save a lot of time removing the screws on the trim. No complaints so far.
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    Found broken part - Not sure what it is

    I don't see why in any way it should cause a vibration, but it might help dampen a vibration somewhat if it were connected.