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    Goodbye Explorer

    Bought a 2015 Explorer last October after my 2011 Ranger was totaled when parked. Hated the Explorer mostly b/c visibility is lousy when towing and especially backing in to my narrow driveway. Traded for a 2020 Ranger. Added Ford performance tune M-9603-REB to the bill but not really driving...
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    Can't remove right side glove box pin

    Found the fuse box this morning. I'll trade it in if a fuse blows - I was looking for a second Jeep anyway. Bob
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    Can't remove right side glove box pin

    I haven't looked for the fuse box yet. I carry spares but now I guess I need to find the box. I have 2 different shop manuals that I'm just starting to look at.
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    Can't remove right side glove box pin

    Some ****** designed the glove box. Just bought a 2015 and now going through stuff. Had to cut the tab on the right pin. I made an S-hook out of a coat hanger to hold the cable to a cutout in the dash. Found sharp edges trying to release the air cleaner door and left some blood behind which...
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    How many people have had the airbag warning light activate

    My battery died as I was taking possession of the vehicle, but I didn't notice the airbag light while trying to figure out all of the buttons to drive the thing. Day 9 and it's supposed to be ready today after I ripped into the dealer yesterday.
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    How many people have had the airbag warning light activate

    Mine came on 2 days after I bought my 2015 end of October. Been in the shop for a week now to replace 2 harnesses. Dealer thought the fix only involved one harness and the second one came in last Friday. TSB fix looks easy but I'm under warranty. So, I had the car 2 days and the dealer has...
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    New to Explorer

    My 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4 was totaled last week (parked), so I picked up a 2015 Explorer XLT this week. Poking around to see whats them tick and learn. The good news, drove it 6 years and got all my money back which comes in handy since I just retired in September.