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    For the transmission Gods....

    Hi, Sorry but it sounds like what happen to my explore last year, we had to rebuild the tranny, actually it was the 3rd gear, we ended up paying about 1700.00 and the mechanic said he had seen it before. Try calling a tranny expert. if they do redo your trans, have them replace the rubber plugs...
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    1991 explorer, slave cylinder issues

    I am attempting to find out if I can bypass to Quick disconnect coupling between the hydraulic line and the slave cylinder. I have been unable to bleed the system and am not sure i want to replace the line with another quick disconnect coupling. does anyone know what the specs are on the...
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    clutch back together but cant get system bled

    Same delimma :rolleyes: :banghead:
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    clutch back together but cant get system bled

    Hi Im having the same problem right now, the quick disconnect is the problem for us. Im attempting to find away to loose the qd coupling and use a regular coupling. Apparently when you replace all those parts and do any work with the hydraulics you should replace the hydraulic line because the...