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    Growling, grinding noise from front end

    1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 Hey guys, Im having the same problem with my car aswell, its a 1994 Ford Explorer 4x4 5 Speed It has new 4x4 hubs, all the U joints are brand new, new break pads, new rotors, all new ball joints, fresh allignment and im at my wits end, anyone have any idea where this...
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    1994 ford explorer alarm issue

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1994 Ford Explorer with a factory alarm, I enjoy using it and am impressed that my car had one. Not to long ago my alarm would randomly go off. The door switches work the way they are supposed to and so does the hood switch. I have read that others simply disconnected...
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    1994 ford explorer full exhaust system ideas

    Alright I think i have a general idea with what I'm going to do, I have just ordered what I need to do the mods, Thank you everyone for your input
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    1994 ford explorer full exhaust system ideas

    Jd4242, is the 422 not good for towing?
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    1994 ford explorer full exhaust system ideas

    Thank you for your input Arco777, I greatly appreciate it, but do you have any ideas for my vehicles transmission set up, Just to provide a little background on my car, This Explorer is equipped with the M50D 5 Speed Transmission with 60/40 limited slip differentials (front and rear) in 3.73...
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    1994 ford explorer full exhaust system ideas

    Hello Everyone, I recently had a rebuild re-done, it wasn't done correctly and I am in the process of taking the engine apart to redo the valves, lifters and rocker arms due to a constant loud ticking noise. Than I had the idea of making it a bad 4.0 Colagne v6. Just to bounce ideas off...
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    Digital Dash Swap?

    Really inspired to do this Im extremely inspired to do this, however i have no knowledge or experience when it come to electronics, would it be possible to buy one of these from you guys?
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    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    Does anyone know if this will work on a 91-94 Explorer? Or has anyone done this to a First Gen?
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    1994 ford explorer / old man emu suspention

    Are their any shock absorbers that can fit from OME that will fit on a first Gen Explorer
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    Who is disappointed with their EX?

    My dad purchased an Explorer in 1994, he kept it clean and maintained it from day one, 256000 miles later we still have the car, almost in the same condition when he bought it, the point is it all comes down on how you maintain your vehicle, regardless of the mileage or what year it was made
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    1994 ford explorer / old man emu suspention

    Does anyone know what Old Man Emu parts will fit a 1994 Ford Explorer? Im looking into putting in a 2.5'' lift with Old Man Emu coil springs, shock absorbers front & rear and leaf springs, Trying my best to avoid spacers Any advise would help