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  1. JNicho

    Rear A/C Blower

    If anybody runs into this problem and none of the obvious fixes work, there is a relay hidden in the front of the center console under the message center...this turned out to be my problem.
  2. JNicho

    Rear A/C Blower

  3. JNicho

    Rear A/C Blower

    Hey, anyone had experience with the rear blower motor. I have a 2001 Mountaineer...A/C and heat work fine up front, but the rear blower does not work. I pulled the center console out and tested everything. I hooked the blower motor up to a 12v power supply and it's fine...I also ran the motor...
  4. JNicho

    Anyone have experience with Monroe 58617 Rear Shock Absorbers w/coil springs?

    Tagging along...I just posted a thread about needing to replace my shocks and I'm looking for something that's a step up from the "stock" units.
  5. JNicho

    Tinting my windows on Sat need some help

    Get someone to help, an extra set of hands is may want to pull your door panels...I tinted the front windows on a 2000 Explorer and that little "raised" area on the front top edge of the door panel was a pain to work soap and water in a spray bottle has always worked...
  6. JNicho


    Hello, I've been on this site before, but it's been a while and I can't seem to find my old user ID, so I'm starting over. I just acquired a 2001 Merc Mountaineer, and within the first week noticed some funny drips under the front end. Come to find out both front shocks are leaking and...