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  1. K

    DONT WANT AUTO 4 Wheel

    why would you want to disengage the auto 4x4?
  2. K

    Tail Lights

    hey there everyone, would like to know, the altezza lights that can be purchased for a 91-94 ford ranger; do they fit the 91-94 X? I have been looking everywhere for them. If anyone knows of where I can find them, PLEASE, let me know. thanks in advance. Kirk
  3. K

    I got a sarfari bar..gunna make it so I can run 4 lights..what ones should I get??

    wannaxp8 hey man sorry if I insulted you leaving a message for someone else. I dont know how the private message thing works, never have used it. Anyhow, I wouldnt worry about it, I only gave out an E-mail addy. you can have it to if you feel left out, or need light Q's answered more in depth.
  4. K

    Scanner lights??

    I bought a haynes explorer book to figure out the electrical system for the radio. I hope to find the radio fuse hehe. anyhow thanks guys, you have been a big help. Next project acter scanner light- more offroad lights!! hehe For those of you who would like to see my ride it is reallydirty but...
  5. K

    I got a sarfari bar..gunna make it so I can run 4 lights..what ones should I get??

    hey black magic- nice ride, I love the Compact sport SUV look- too cool. how does she handle? if you have MSN please add me , we could swap mod ideas
  6. K

    Just got my Hellas

    have a look at this- this is how I wired my lights.
  7. K

    Scanner lights??

    whoa thanks for the overwhelming tech support guys I really appreciate it. I could wire my scanner in to my kicker audio system but I would really like it to just be on when the truck was off. can someone elaborate a bit on this? what wires am I looking for from my deck to splice in to? what do...
  8. K

    Just got my Hellas

    lol I use all my roof lights (275 watts worth) no probs
  9. K

    Scanner lights??

    hmm well the instructions were printed on the back of the packaging. it says if an alarm is not present you must splice the yellow wire in to the power wire for the radio?? then it calls that a grounded ignition wire>? I am thinking of using the radio power wire. is there such a wire that only...
  10. K

    Scanner lights??

    hmm I am assuming based on the absence of any responses no one knows what I am talking about- is there a mobile electronics forum I should post this in?
  11. K

    I got a sarfari bar..gunna make it so I can run 4 lights..what ones should I get??

    here they are... here is a link to my light setup as per request- Be forwarned, my truck is pretty dirty, and the lights are not working at full power due to a nice film of caked on snow and mud hehe. please, tell me what you think, I love my lights...
  12. K

    I got a sarfari bar..gunna make it so I can run 4 lights..what ones should I get??

    I should elaborate a bit, I have a 94 sport with the 2curved racks. the forward rack is converted, it is actually a really solid way to do it. I simply used my dril press and cut straight through the rack 5 holes, 5 lights. the wire fits in the channeling that the rubber goes in so well that...
  13. K

    I got a sarfari bar..gunna make it so I can run 4 lights..what ones should I get??

    hmm I put 5 lights up in mine, and I didnt weld or anything. I have 5 switches, one per light, pretty cool actually. give me a shout if you wanna see em
  14. K

    neon lights

    hmm do yourself a fav and get street glow goldline series lights, lifetime warranty, best brightness by far..
  15. K

    Scanner lights??

    hi there, havent posted for a while, so shout outs to all my peers. I have however done a few mods since my last post, including a modified roof rack to light bar, with 5 offroad lights. each light has its own switch too, pretty cool really. pics avaliable upon request. I can also give an...
  16. K

    needing some help

    hey all, I am buying some lightforce stuff soon, and some underbody neon. I am wondering if anyone could whip up a wiring diagram for me, I want to know where to wire in the relays, and switches. I am putting 3 lightforce 240's on, and I want a switch so that I can turn them on or off at any...
  17. K


    hey man, I have tried MTX, and the 8000's- their best sq sub rattles when you turn it way up. If you want a really wicked sub get a kickerr L7. 1 15 inch L7 is comparable to 2 12 inch Rockfords. If you Already have a sub amp why another? if you do decide to go with the L7 get another amp- 1000...
  18. K

    engine mods??

    what would make my exhaust sound really loud- like a harley davidson? or some sort of rice rocket?
  19. K

    Pioneer and Sony ... Together

    the sony deck that is talked about in the add sounds great or the pioneer deck in the picture?
  20. K

    engine mods??

    sweet thanks- any idea what kind of horsepower gains I would get and how much that stuff might cost?
  21. K

    My Recent Posts

    I agree with you ludsas, just because you dont have to spend thousands to have it installed "professionally" doesnt mean a thing. I installed a system for a friend, and his 2000 kicker system WASTED a professionally installed system. I used black tape for that instal too :)
  22. K

    engine mods??

    Hey there, I have a 94 4x4 sport, and it i has the standard engine that they all came with- V6 pushrod engine @ 160 hp. I want more HP- suggested mods??
  23. K

    hmm... WHolsae dilema

    Hi all, I have a question for ya I am buying audi stuff this week cause the guy I am getting stuff wholesale from wont be able to buy wholesale in sbout 2 weeks. I can either get an L7 and an amp now, and save about 1000 canadian on it, or I can get all the speakers/amp, and save 500 on them...
  24. K

    Dually spacers???

    hey all, anyone know who might make dually spacers for a conversion from 5 lug to 8? thinking of dual rear wheels, shortened axle...
  25. K

    not really audio, ... HELP NEEDED ANYWAY! :)

    hey Kris- thanks for the help, just wondering, where did you move the post to? I didnt know where I should put it. Also, just wondering, there was a really weird smeel comming from my truck, like burning a burning clutch. Does that have anything to do with the problem?? I know I was not riding...