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    Stockers @ Rausch Creek 9/8/07

    Wow, It has been a lot time since I was on this site. I can't believe I remembered my password. Anyways, We had a great time at RC. Now all we have to do is get my bro to take the training wheels of his explorer.
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    Hood Scoop From Explorer Express!

    i was looking into this scoop myslef, but there arent enough 1st gen pics to satisfy me as a customer. And also if possible i would like to see a write up on how easy/hard the installation is. Any one with pictures, feel free to post. thanks
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    Explorer owners in PA

    Bethlehem PA here, home of the wonderful and drunken Musikfest.
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    19 owns you (gonna be in truckin too!) worklog!

    just posting so i can get the email updates. looking good man kee it up.
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    brakes screwing up subs?!?!?!?

    it doesnt matter where they are grounded, a ground is a ground. Hope everything works out.
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    Worklog: 3 Beats 6 (Pics) NEW PICS ADDED

    Best of luck with that. I think the next thing you need to buy for the X is another set of windows, beacause I dont wanna see the window carnage all over the enclosure when the bass goes BOOM. PS: it looks amazing.
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    2 Inch Body Lift

    Okay, I read through this post and it did help a little. I was looking into buying the 2 or 2 and a half inch suspension for my frist gen explorer. The question i have is, will i need to extend anything like brake lines, steering shaft ect.? Thanks for the help, it will be greatly appreciated...
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    Mid-Feburary Paragon excursion

    Yea im pretty much stock with tires but im not afraid of a little carnage. I also have a friend with an Xterra who is thinking about coming with us, so pencil me in. Craig
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    at Stock Height How big can you go

    Searching is the most efficent way to find information! Have fun and welcome to the site!
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    Who else uses Royal Purple products?

    My dad sells it and for every $100 over what he has to sell, we get 2 30 gallon drums for free, all i can say is that royal purple kicks major ass. Plus its free for me. So i end up doing alot of oil changes for all my freinds and family. It also helps to have a pit in your garage. CAN YOU SAY...
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    My new front winch bumper

    Very nice, i like it alot.
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    Check out my new intake!

    Lookin' sweet!
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    door hinge question

    Sent you PM Tony H!
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    THE OFFICIAL EXPLORER ROLLOVER CLUB. Post stories and pics inside!!!

    Glad to see that your okay man, i wish we could say the same for your X. May your X have my regards.
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    Hood Scoop From Explorer Express!

    Will either of them fit the first gen. where they have a raised like in the middle of the hood?
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    Questions about installation of tailight guards.

    Ok well i have the same one you are thinking of getting. I will warn you that you will have to drill and tap the two holes that will be drilled into the body on both sides. Also you should be aware that the brackets (mounts) will need to be adjusted. IE bent up or down so the gate will clear...
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    Got XM?

    This helped me with my install. Click Here!
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    The official rollpan construction page

    Looks ****in sweet ass man!!! Good Job!!
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    everyone welcome explorergf to the board

    If i were you and he was my boyfriend, then i would feel pretty damn happy that he cares enough for you to make a thread devoted to his love. Excellent. We need more polite people in this world. But ahyways, welcome to the site, and dont be afraid to post and be wrong. It's always good to see...
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    door hinge question

    if you are having the shop replace them, and they want to charge you for the hinges, i have top and bottom, driver and passenger hinges for you, free of charge. Let me know. When i did mine i realized how hard it was to do and i decided to make pins and busings myself. So let me know what you...
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    92 Sport questions

    you can also go for this intake system. Here! .
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    QUICK again..installed apten but fuel pump relay is messed up

    I had the same problem as you, only no buzzing, and i wasnt running a chip. You would turn the key one click, listen for the pump to run, and then start the truck. Well when i did this, the pump didnt run, and it made no noise. So before my dumbass even gave 2 thoughts to check the relay, i...
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    My best friends dad has a navigator rollin on 26's. It makes it a whole lot bigger when you say 2 feet 2 inches!!!!!!! he paid $15,000 for rims and tires on that bad boy. I will get some pictures and post them on here for ya. Might be awhile because they are on vacation and i dont knwo when they...
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    92 Sport questions

    Go to Explorer Express and pick out a nice airdam, some clean corners, exhaust, a grill, intake, running boards, RIMS, possibly 20's or bigger, and a supercharger while your at it. And while your look at this online. Try doing a search for a second job, because there are many things on there...
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    Gauge pod

    Looks very nice and clean, good job.