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    Got a question need your help please

    Another thing you can check.... I had the same problem last winter and was scratching my head, cause i checked everything that they had mentioned above. it ended up being a stuck thermostat. it was stuck closed and wouldn't let the water coolant circulate. Good luck Ed
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    HI, and questions.........

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    3" BL in process!

    That's correct. But I still need to adjust the bumpers. But the tires don't rub or anything when i turn the wheel.
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    3" BL in process!

    Finally Finally was able to get them 33's on check it out below. Thanks to every one that replied to me on this thread. Peace Ed
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    3" BL in process!

    Yeah You ain't kidding I just need to get some rims. I thought I would be able to fit the 33's on the stock rims but they are 12.5" wide, so now i'm on the hunt for those rims. but thanks.
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    3" BL in process!

    Picture of the 3" Body lift Sorry for the wait. But here is the Ex with the 3" body lift. Still need to adjust the bumpers. Got the new 33" Tires, now I need some Rims. So if you got any let me know. Thanks Ed
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    Need help! I'm dumb and cant figure this out!

    The hood won't open cause it's in the latched position. You have to push it down, undow the latch with your hand under the front of the hood. and then pull the hood up.
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    3" BL in process!

    O.K. cool thanks for your help Peace Ed
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    3" BL in process!

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    3" BL in process!

    O.K. Almost done...But I have stumbled upon another curve ball here in this install. The steering shaft extension that they supplied me is still about a half inch short. It's a pain in the ass to get everything inserted properly. but even after that, it's still short. My question for you...
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    gumby's ebay find

    Damn Good find Looks very clean, Thanks e-bay.
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    3" BL in process!

    Took the night off last night. But will work on it tonight. Lift blocks are in. Just have to line the body up and bolt everything down. Then put the tank back up in there, and all the accesories like the steering shaft, emergency brake lines etc. But happy with the results, now I just need...
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    3" BL in process!

    cool thanks for the advice. Ed
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    3" BL in process!

    Yeah, Finally got all the bolts out. Had to drop the tank...It wasn't as bad as i thought. once the tank was out of the way, I got a good look at the ex's underbody, and it don't look that bad. Now that my spirits are back up, I just gotta put the thing back together. But While I was under...
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    3" BL in process!

    Paraphoe Thanks for the words of encouragement. LOL Anyways, nice looking truck you got there. Nice and clean rig, but ready for action. Gives me alittle incentive to keep going. tastefully Done. Peace Ed
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    3" BL in process!

    Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I worked on it last night. My father was holding the nut while I was ratcheting the bolt inside the Ex. Finally the bolt snapped. Luckily it was enough to tap it out. Went to go do the other side, and as Murphies Law would have it. The damn thing is sandwiched...
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    3" BL in process!

    Haven't done much yet. first thing done was getting it running right. Now i'm doing the body lift. Setting up for some 33's. Then roll cage and then paint. After that just little accessoreis, like roof basket, extra lights, rock sliders, etc. But looking to do it slowely cause the budget is...
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    3" BL in process!

    Thanks burns Nice rig you got there.
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    3" BL in process!

    :confused: Well I am in the process of installing my 3" Body Lift. What a pain in the ass. I figured I would take my time and work on it little by little. Today is day two, and I thought I was doing well untill I had to take off the mounting bolts that are located under the rear seats of my '91...
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    Hello from NJ New to site

    Welcome to the site
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    someone PLEASE help resolve this

    I just redid the hubs and brakes on my '91. When I ordered the new rotors I noticed that one of them was sitting taller then the other as they sat on the work bench. and it was about a 1/4 of an inch. I went back to the parts store and they exchanged the taller one for a shorter one. So you...
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    Finally! Here is How To Improve your EX's Ride Quality!

    :o Froader What do you mean by getting another leaf pack and integrating two of the leaves? I have a parts explorer that I can get the leaf packs from but how would I integrate it to my existing leaves? I would like to flip my load leaf to improve my ride but i am curious as to what you mean...
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    Dreaming of one mean 4.0: The Build up - Creager's 1992 Sport

    This has just made my day. I blew a head gasket yesterday and was considering junking the old thing, But not now. Thanks Good thread.
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    Msupertek's making of the CANVAS TOPPER!

    Cool thanks for the reply!