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    Unexplained beep

    A follow up from my earlier post. I've since had the clutch pack replaced in the rear differential (extended warranty is almost paid for) and the drivetrain binding and the mysterious beep have gone away. If they did something else to do away with the beep, they did not inform me of it. You...
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    * Note: made quite a few assumptions using average driving guidelines.
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    I'm still on stock tires but I'll second the advice to start with TireRack. Also, consider that tires in this category last about 50,000 miles. Assuming 15 miles per gallon average, that's 3300 gallons of fuel. So your fuel costs over a five year period are about $10,000. Your tires...
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    Unexplained beep

    I get the same beep on my '03 AWD V8. It's usually under hard acceleration from a stop. But like you say, it happens once per trip. Same sound as the low fuel indicator but happens even when tank is full. Only started recently and I've had the vehicle for almost three years. I've also...
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    Buying soon... V8 or V6?

    I'm missing something. How much skill does it take to peg the accelerator in an automatic? Are we defining "short run" as 2 or 3 feet? Perhaps I could believe that a V6 would win that one if it had a slightly shorter 1st gear or shifted a bit faster. You've got better fuel economy and you...
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    Should I buy it or run away - 2003 Sport

    If by Sport you mean the 2 door model (versus the trim level), I'd say run away. First the Sport (2 door) model is based off an entirely different obsolete platform (it is NOT a 3rd gen Explorer). And, due to its shorter wheelbase, is far more prone to rollovers.
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    reclining passenage seat

    If you don't mind, I'd like to add onto your there a way to retrofit the second row seats in a 2003 Explorer so that they will recline? Is there a simple part that can be borrowed from a 2005 model (which recline) to do this?
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    Looking to purchase 2002 V8 Limited

    The 2002 model year is rumored (substantiated?) to have more reliability issues than later years. I have a 2003 so I don't have any first hand experience. However, it is typical that first year models are less reliable. I've been very happy with my '03 Ltd V8 AWD. Strengths: - Towing...
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    Getting an 03/04 EB Explorer to replace my 98 Mounty. Have questions, need advice

    I think maybe the source of confusion is that you have an Explorer Sport (did not realize this before) which bears almost no relation to the third generation Explorer: "The Sport rides on the old Explorer's platform...
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    No instrument cluster lights after radio install???

    I know when my auto headlights turn on during the day (fog for example) it is almost impossible to see the radio. The radio and instrument readings auto-dim when the lights go on. I really wish it did not dim to such an extreme. That's all the ideas I have.
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    Getting an 03/04 EB Explorer to replace my 98 Mounty. Have questions, need advice

    You have it backwards. AND the manual is poorly written. Correct: 4x4 Auto has the potential to send power to all four wheels and there is no lockout to enable permanent 2WD-only operation. One could argue thus there is no 2WD mode. However, under normal conditions it only sends power to the...
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    Getting an 03/04 EB Explorer to replace my 98 Mounty. Have questions, need advice

    Not much I can add; some really good comprehensive replies. The Ltd in addition to having an (optional) exclusive tricoat metallic ceramic white clearcoat paint (say that 10x fast), has special chrome rims, and a few other trim details that differ from the EB. The 4WD gets better economy...
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    Buying 1st Explorer: lurch during braking while test driving 02 XLT

    Yeah my '03 Limited AWD V8 has done that to me several times. Only happens when the outside temperature is cold AND the engine is cold. Some sort of transmission lunge which the dealership could not reproduce. They claim to be in the dark about it despite the fact that others obviously have...
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    Winter Tires for Stock '02

    235 represents the width; 70 represents the profile (i.e. tire height is 70% of tire width). Thus a 235/75 is taller but no wider than a 235/70. For snow traction, 235 is generally much better than 265. Wider tires have to plow through more snow and are more prone to spinning and sliding...
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    Advice on Extended Warranty?

    So I bought the Base Care 7yr/60k mi warranty today for $1220. $50 deductible. Covers engine, tranny, brakes, steering, suspension, A/C, electrical, and probably something else I'm forgetting. I only have 24k miles on the clock so essentially I should be covered for the next four years. I...
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    Wheel shaking at 70-75+ mph

    What he said. 90% chance it's a wheel balance issue. Alignment issues tend to make themselves known under braking. Balance issues show up at highway speed and are typically accentuated in a given range like 65-75mph.
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    Advice on Extended Warranty?

    Well yes, obviously they have to pay out less on average than the warranty cost. As someone who tows 6,000lbs, I'm not an average user. Were it not for towing, I'd more than likely skip an extended warranty. I should have probably also mentioned that I have the V8 model with AWD. And that...
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    Advice on Extended Warranty?

    Thanks. I only see links for car insurance here.
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    Advice on Extended Warranty?

    The 36mo/36k factory warranty on my '03 Explorer expires in about two weeks. I'm considering a Ford Extended Warranty that would take it out to 84mo/60k miles. Truck has 24k miles on it today. The cost is ~$950 for basic powertrain coverage. I tow a 4200lb boat (~6000lbs total) maybe a dozen...
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    another Uhaul question

    How about these: - Ford Mountaineer - Ford Aviator - Ford Expedition Lite - Ford U152 (Explorer program code name) I mistake Expeditions for Explorers and vice-versa all the time. Just a different scale. We can thank our litigious society for a ridiculous ban that excludes Explorers but...
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    2003 Explorer Parking Sensors

    Happens to me all the time with when I have a bike rack on the hitch...but I don't think that's what you meant. But while the topic is up...anyone know how to disable the reverse sensor (beyond the standard switch which must be pressed everytime the truck is started)?
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    Honest opinions of your Explorers?

    If you're not towing and not going off-road, personally I'd go for a lighter crossover AWD SUV that gets better mileage. But I'd pass on the Pilot...too bland looking and over-hyped. Extremely happy with my '03 Ltd Explorer but my range of choices was narrow. Had to be truck-based for...
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    Towing Capacity

    As others have said, you need the complete towing package including oil cooler, rear axle gearing, etc, not just a class III hitch. Your total towing load is likely in the 6500-7000lbs range (5000 dry weight boat + 500 lbs fluids and gear + 1200lb trailer). I would be hesitant to tow this even...