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    How to: The Comprehensive Brown Wire Mod Thread

    Well...the BWM is complete !! Another satisfied customer !! I dont see why so many people dont understand how to do it, but atleast I do, and did it, and im way happy with it, Boy them back tires smoke good...Eh HAHA Thanks Josh
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    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster Question(s)

    Thanks alot man, they are still on there way. But I am anxious to see what they are going to look like. Do you have any pictures of yours ? I would like to see them, im sure they will look pretty good. THanks for the help by the way, do you know what hex # to use, if they are hex ? THanks
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    My First Gen Explorer...Painted Indigo Blue

    Hey, i dont know if you just did not see them, or if i did not update my cardomain yet, but i have diamond cut euro clears.
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    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster Question(s)

    Yeah, i have searched alot. Mostly second gen information. I just want to put the " white face gauge " covers "" on .... and need to know how hard it is, so just any help would be great..... If you want to see pictures of it, here it is ....Cardomain website...
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    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster Question(s)

    Any help, guys/girls ? It would be greatly appreciated.....thank you - Josh
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    My First Gen Explorer...Painted Indigo Blue there are some pics on there, if you are interested....have fun, tell me what you think !! later
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    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster Question(s)

    Hey guys! I have been a part of this forum for quite a while! I joined before I even had my explorer. I have a 1994 eddie bauer. 4 door, 4 wheel drive. I purchased some aftermarket gauges off of ebay, I did alot of search on how to change mine. I really could not find anything helpful for...
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    Alternator smelll.....loss of tomorrow :(

    Well guys, i have to get to school tomorrow. My alternator smells like it is going out, but my capacitor says it is pushing about 14.3 volts. I also feel like i have a loss of power, i can't even reach 5k RPMs. It kind of vibrates every once in a while too. My temp. guage reads below the N...
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    mono block OHM question...please help

    I have a memphis 1500 class D mono block amplifier. It is 2 ohm stable. I also have 2 15" dual voice coil 4 OHM subs. My subs are ran in a Series. Will this bring my amp down to 2 OHMS ? Or will it be 4 OHMS ? The guy I bought the amp from, says it will make them 4 OHMS. All my friends say...
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    By Passing The Pre-Amp Question... ?

    I have a panosonic SP ? HU... I did not by pass my pre amp, and its a 50x4( my new HU). When I turn the HU up, the aftermarket speakers, that i just installed, distort and sound like $hIt. Is this because I did not By pass my pre-amp? Appreciate the help...
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    1st gen aftermarket rim(s) question.

    I have notice, that on my rig, the hub sticks out on the front right and left tires.( DUH :rolleyes: ) I have been looking, and have been wanting to buy aftermarket rims for my rig. I was thinking about 20's or 22's, im not real big on huge tires and lifted rigs myself, but I do like how they...
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    First Gen/Air Bag/Steering Wheel

    Well, is there a fuze or something I could un-hook, so that I can make sure I am safe? I dont care if it does not have one, I just do not wanna get injured in the process of changing a simple thing. Thanks for all the replies. :thumbsup: -Josh
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    First Gen/Air Bag/Steering Wheel

    I have just recently purchased a 1994 EB X.:) I noticed the steering wheel is a little messed up. I was wondering if the first gen explorers have air bags in the steering wheel? I planned on putting a different steering wheel in, has anyone ever had problems doing this? Is it hard? I...
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    you dont want it

    Your good at fixing alot of $h!t? I take it cars and English do not fall under the "$h!t" category? These guys/girls are alot of help, lose the attitude. If you are not happy with the vehicle that was GIVIN to you, then sale it, buy a nice pair of shoes ( that won't break down ) and walk...
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    Tailgating Explorer

    bbq grill ?? Justa thought. GOOD LUCK! I'd like to see some pics, when your finished.
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    Different Kind of before and after....

    245 WOO HOO, beat that crank!
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    Supercharged 4.0L SOHC

    I would not want to be caddi55, Everyone is against hime. LoL. But i hope it works ! Cant wait to see some pictures. Peace, Josh
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    FINALLY my ricer fantasies are fulfilled - Explorer body kit's are now made

    SORRY BUT... Sorry guys, but I dont like it. Just my judgement. Im not into the ricer look. I agree with BM... lol
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    Need sub help!!!!!!!

    Ground both ground wires to the metal of the car. That should do it. [/B] How come i never had to ground wires ? ? I never had a problem with it. I just ran the ground to the negative..i dono thanx josh
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    Need sub help!!!!!!!

    Im not positive on this, but on my ' high inputs' for my amp, the ground hooked on to the ( - ) or the (negative) wich ever one you want to call it. Also if you want you can run both positives on the adapter to just the one positive on ur back left or back right speaker, you dont have to hook...
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    Quiet Exhaust under $270 and test pipe available

    :eek: Perfectly said, I could not have said it better, in a more nicer way. He was just plain being a jerk! I think you scared him off, because you told him how it was. Well im out peace.:D
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    How to remove the lock on the steering wheel?

    Do you feel loved now, Now that i have told you nothing, b/c i know nothing about that... Just one question y are you doin this ? Thanks, josh
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    why not 4.2?

    I know a guy with a 4.2 6 cyl f-150. Hes got almost 150 thousand miles on it. Still runs like new. Its made it from Louisiana and back to Missouri most of its wholey life. I think the guy said around 20 times. He said it gets pretty good gas mileage to. Its also a 5 speed. I think they should...
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    Who sleeps in their Ex?

    One year, Me my dad and my bro were on a trip to colorado. And i was gett'n tired so..I shoved everything to one side..Put one seat down..Put my sleeping bag down and got a pillow..Slept comfy for 7 hours str8 untill we arrived at my granparents house..It was really comfy tho...Id do it again...
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    Top this Bump

    Ok, Yes that is pretty crazy but i do beileve it...Me and my friend put our subs together...And came up with...4 15's and 1000 watts plus 1 farat cap....We blew off the window seal on a 1992 dakota...We nocked the rear view mirror off of a 1993 explorer 4 door...So a 1000 watts can do more then...