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    Tin Roof Rain noise.

    Beaten (to death) like a steel drum Surprised this thread is still going on and on and on...this is a known "issue" (not to the level of a TSB, mind you :-)) and it has been nailed by many people. The 6-inch or so section of angled roof right above the windshield makes a decidedly different...
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    Secret Sport Mode? =P Sand Mode

    How does sand mode impact your severe torque steer? :)
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    UPDATE: A Pillar Fix and 2.8 Upgrade

    Sync vs. MFT? Is it possible that part of the communication breakdown is due to the confusion, that I admit I feel, between what is "Sync" and what is "MFT"? If your dealer actually said that they had the latest version of "My Touch"...maybe they are correct. Maybe they were just trying to...
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    Husky / Weathertech mats - Group Buy

    @Sgt1411, agree completely. Called Melissa today, she was wonderful, I ordered the 3rd row footwell (I had ordered the others myself earlier from when they had a 20% off special). Thanks and kudos, blwnsmoke!
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    Ford's MFT "Program" through Dec 2011 is for ONE UPDATE ONLY?

    You want Ford's attention? Have an analyst ask a question or two about it on a quarterly conference call, or go to a shareholder meeting and grab the microphone. The senior leadership, despite their overtures to new social media, really don't care what kind of chatter is resonating on Facebook...
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    New Sirius channel lineup effective May 4th.

    No it doesn't doesn't cycle through, just stays on Sirius 1...although as I said in my longer description, it does cycle through in reality, just doesn't show the right presets on the screen.
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    Other vehicles you considered before buying the 2011 X

    My consideration set is a bit different... Jeep Grand Cherokee (but decided needed 3rd row) Volvo XC90 Acura MDX The Acura was the closest competitor to the Ex, for us. But we went with the Ex.
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    Explorer VS Durango

    Surprised no one else on this thread mentioned they were considering the Acura MDX as well. We wanted 3 rows, and for us it came down to the MDX and the Ex. And at the end of the day, we couldn't find $7-10K worth of difference in the cars...and I actually liked the styling of the Ex much...
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    MFT 2.8 dare I say? ... Rocks!

    This may be a dumb question...but where does Sync stop and MFT begin? I actually think this creates potential confusion when trying to diagnose or even describe issues, at least for me. Like some of the Sirius issues right I spend the time to try to get the Sync/Syncmyride folks to...
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    New Sirius channel lineup effective May 4th.

    This isn't the issue at all dco43054. I don't think I explained it well enough, so here is my 2nd attempt. On the MFT touch screen if you select the Entertainment view and you are in Sirius mode, you should see the six presets that are appropriate for that "bank" of presets...6 for Sirius 1...
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    New Sirius channel lineup effective May 4th.

    As of yesterday evening, I was still suffering the voice command-new channel mismatch. However, I think I've also noticed something else with MFT and Sirius. I'm not sure anything has changed, it just "feels" different to me. So, you have the three Sirius "banks" of 6 presets -- Sirius 1...
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    Husky 3rd row / 2nd console update

    Hey, is showing the 3rd row Husky liners available now, for $68.76...although the picture they are showing is actually for the second row liners. Any...
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    Adding DVD and ambient lighting to XLT

    We bought a $60 portable DVD player and rest it on the console between the two front seats. We only have one toddler, so that works fine. Even if the thing breaks every year, it is still a bargain. And you can take it out of the Ex and bring it wherever you are going. The Ford DVD headrests...
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    Found a 4wd Explorer - "DEMO"

    So when I'm on a fire road, or some loose gravel, or some powder snow over cold pavement, I should be wetting myself? LOL.
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    '11 Explorer transmission, transfer case designations?

    @Jaswood, you weren't beating the "PTO cooling" drum ad nauseum over on Edmunds under the name "wwest", were you? ;-)
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    Found a 4wd Explorer - "DEMO"

    @Jaswood, what are your definitions for "light" vs. "sport" off-roading? Just curious.
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    Husky 3rd row / 2nd console update

    @blwnsmoke...I think there are at least a couple of anchors for the 2nd row seats that will need to be "cut out" of the mat pictured above, to the left and right of the cap in the very middle. Over on the Facebook page someone snapped a shot of the Weathertech 3rd row footliner in with the...
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    Husky Mat pictures

    Regarding slipperiness...there is a slight pebbling on the surface that you can't see in the pictures, so they do grip a bit. And @robpco, you pretty much need to remove the liner if you use the 3rd row. You could roll it up and stick it in the well behind the third row I guess, but then you...
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    Chrysler 8.4N infotainment makes MFT look like molases

    LOL...actually, Baxterdown, it looks like Chrysler used (painted) molasses to hold their rear taillight assembly to the vehicle. Now that is some fine fit & finish and gap management. ;-)
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    Chrysler 8.4N infotainment makes MFT look like molases're going on about a 30 second video clip where maybe 1% of the features were shown/used? Whatever.
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    Explorer comes in last place in Motor Trends 7 passenger CUV comparison

    Uh, must have gone to the same math, statistics and logic classes as Thaywood. ;) From the same source that Thaywood used for his "stats" let's look at actual vehicle sales for the first part of 2010, and compare that to 2009. January 2010 Explorer 4,247 units (Jan 2009...
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    My AC Sucks!

    Here in Atlanta, had a few high 70s low 80 days for temp, and when I crank the AC to max it is like a meat locker in my Ex. So I'm not sure it is a systemic, AC design issue.
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    Explorer comes in last place in Motor Trends 7 passenger CUV comparison

    Thaywood, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. And those January sales figures you quoted certainly fit the bill. About as meaningless a set of sales figures as you can get. See...even if you go just to February sales (as Ford Explorers started to roll more consistently off the lines...
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    Your actual mileage may vary??

    AWD, Limited, about 400 miles so far. City: 19-20 MPG Highway: 22-23 MPG...although strict highway driving (i.e. no traffic, few stops, offramps, etc.) has yielded 25+ mpg. Mostly warm weather driving (spring in Atlanta area).
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    Husky / Weathertech mats - Group Buy

    I got the Ford OEM all-weathers, along with the Huskies for 1st row, 2nd row, behind 3rd well, and cargo liner for 3rd row folded flat. Right now, the OEMs are sitting in my living room, along with the carpet mats. I'm thinking of using the 2nd row OEM mats if I ever fold down the second row...