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    self installed amp

    it looks like u grounded ur amp on a piece of plastic... the best way to ground is on metal w/ the paint sanded off for less resistance.
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    any DECAF song!!! :D
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    98 xlt headlight/dash light issues

    well the bulb on the headlight is fine but i did check the voltage of the 3 ports where the prongs from the bulbs plug into and 2 of the 3 ready 12v and the other sits around 2v so im wondering if maybe one of the harness wires was damaged some how? bobflood: thanks i will check those out!
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    98 xlt headlight/dash light issues

    here are the problems... the left part of my dash lights are out, the lights for the gas gauge and other gauge next to it. everything from the speedometer to the far right of the dash lights up. my next problem is my left head light is dimmed a lot. ive checked the fuses on the inside of the...
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    kenwood amp and subs

    those subs are probably 400rms a piece right? youll want the 1800watt kenwood amp. it puts out 900rms instead of 500rms.
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    four 15's or five 12's

    DC lvl 4's will be quite the jump. and youll need at least 4k rms to run them and a lot of electrical upgrades. but it should be a good build. ive metered my single 18" Fi BTL and burped it at 148.3db off the TL sealed on dash. so 4 15's should easily reach over 150db.
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    Looking for some amp advice.

    there would be no point for him to get the 2600 on top of his 1600... but he can run them at 3 or 1.5 ohms. if the ohm rise can be calculated then he should be fine running the two different ohm subs.
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    four 15's or five 12's

    4 15's
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    Which would u choose ?

    hifonics make reasonably priced amps/ just dont get boss, lanzar, power acoustik, or sound storm. those amps IMO are junk. i wouldnt bother getting the t1 unless u can find a damn good deal online. but id recommend a sundown sa-12 its rated at 600 rms but ive seen guys put 1k rms on them and...
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    Looking for some amp advice.

    2 different ohm subs? hmm well i suggest getting two 2 ohm subs and an audiopipe 3000d does about 3k rms at 2 ohms. once again youll need a better electrical for this.
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    Question about setup.

    youd save some $ by installing it yourself. 8awg should be fine up to 800watts rms IMO.
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    New 03 sub/amp suggestions

    i like type r's idk much about the dayton stuff from but from looking at the specs they seem pretty good. and the package deal w/ the type r and infinity amp is ok. the wire kit is junk cuz raptor makes tiny ass wire. youd buy 4awg from them but it will actually be 8 or 10awg... id say a single...
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    Audio newb needs some help

    when ur looking for a HU youll want it to have a decent volt output. 4volt is pretty good. and youll want front rear and sub rca outputs. those will be for if u wanna hook up amps. and for ipod connection i like the rear usb connection. i have an alpine ida-x303 HU and i have the ipod cord going...
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    Looking for some advice on a sub and amp

    it all comes down to the design of ur box. ported will be louder, sealed will be more punchy and precise. if u listen to rock id go w/ the sealed but if u have a mix of music genres id say go ported. but also know this the system is as only as good as the install (including box design)
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    Term Lab numbers!!! Not super impressive, but it's a start!

    I had 4 12" CVR's once, w/ about 1900rms goin to them ina 10ft^3 box tuned to35hz. Meh... they were alright only did a 146.3 don't remeber the peak. Meter was on the dash sealed up. But then I got a BTL and it did 149.1 not sure of the peak there either. BTL had 2500rms and a 8ft^3 @ 35hz...
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    Umm ok the price for 2 kicker comps or a pair of pioneers is a more than a audioque sdc2.5 so that won't break the bank. Its $160 for one 15" (and that's including shipping)... and it wouldn't take a lot to power. And they would perform fine ina smaller box so in the end about the same price for...
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    haha you woulda been better off w/ the pioneers :/ jensen is very low quality... if u want a good woofer that'll perform look into an audioque sdc2.5 12" or 15" 600+ rms in probably 3-4ft^3 @ 38 hz or35 enclosure. I hear they like 38 :) deff be louder than 2 jensens or 2 10" pioneers. IMO!
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    more sound

    Yup no doubt quality over quantity! My jl xr speakers can keep up w/ my 18" Fi BTL :D
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    Recommendations on new subwoofers

    Fi car audio FTW!
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    Stock head unit?

    Personally I like component speakers or 2 way. 3 and 4 are fine. Usually a component set will require more power than coax, but not all the time. Jl makes nice 5x7 2way speakers. There lower end speakers will sound amazing. I'm a fan of JL speakers :) alpine makes nice stuff to. But if ur on a...
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    Tell me the best way to fix my problem. Money is of no concern. (Electrical Issues)

    Yellow tops are ok. But for the money id get some shuriken. There's other brands out there that are a lot better for the same price. And I've got 3 big batts and stock alt :/ and my volts are beautiful but I play my system for 1-2hrs a day. So I never over work it. But one good batt and a...
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    Radio Wiring

    They're just the usual speaker wire, power/ground, anteana, constant, and remote. There's a company that makes ipod cables for any HU that has aux pre outs, not the 3.5mm head phone jack. The cable will charge the ipod and you'll control it through the ipod instead of the HU. I've never...
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    Stock head unit?

    Ur stock speakers will work just fine. Just don't try to pump a lot of bass through them. When most ppl come to me and ask if there speaker is blow... usually is. Only cuz they try to pump too much bass through it. If u go w/ some high watt speaker they'll sound fine but w/ an amp they'll sound...
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    subwoofer enclosure suggestions

    I know I'm just tellin him to make a down firing box to keep both subs.