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    keyless entry

    Eddie Bauer
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    keyless entry

    i have 1994 ford explorer an i got a keyless entry off of ebay (just the button) here is what they wrote me 1. Turn ignition to RUN or ACC. 2. Momentarily jump pins in programming connector located in LR quarter panel area (Connector will not be plugged into anything, it will have two pins...
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    I need help with my 94 Ford Explorer.

    See if i can get this right lol.When i drive my explorer really slow it shifts fine into 2nd gear.But when i push the paddle halfway down it wont shift into 2nd gear then i let off the gas wait for rpm to go to about 1.000 then i hit the gas really light then it will go into to gear. If anybody...
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    my name is chris i have a 1994 ford explorer :D