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    Question about rear seats

    Hi to all! I've just searched inside the forum for this question: I can fit rear seats coming from a 4 door explorer into a 2 door explorer sport?
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    bleeding oil question 5r55e

    question: my mechanic has tried to wash with pressured oil my 5r55e transmission, but said me that its oil cooling system is broken why he can't bleed the oil from the radiator (from the trasmission)..... I was I'm making some research about the 5r55e transmission, and I found...
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    Transmission Filter

    Hi! Today I removed the transmission filter and I found 2 codes on it....I have bought a filter on the web but seems to be too high. What is the good part number? Now I believe the first number XL2P-7A098-AA it's lower (as the image near the code) and the XL2P-7A098-BA is higher, true?