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  1. K

    How many from NC here?

    me !
  2. K

    new ride and need guidance

    Well, the POS-10 parts runner i had left me stranded for the fourth and LAST time last Friday. I traded it for an '03 Toy Tacoma PreRunner with all the goodies including a real nice Rear Locking Diff......still have the EX (JUST TURNED probs !!!) and the Ranger.. What I need from my...
  3. K

    Front Bench seat modification

    Oh, he didn't put any console in there, but I took measurements and studied the 95 Ex I have (see sig) and it would be a slam dunk. He wanted an open area for the sub-box.
  4. K

    Front Bench seat modification

    It is a 95 Ranger XLT w/standard you dont have alot of room to begin with and he wanted to expand his 'system'. Yeah it is fairly easy and straight forward, but my pucker factor was high b/c if you f'up it's off to the bone yard for another. Just remove the seat completely and on a...
  5. K

    Front Bench seat modification

    Yes, my son did it on his Ranger (basically the same 60/40 style). You need an Exacto knife (for the foam) and a good hack-saw or a dremel (that's what he used). Basically take the seat out, and you will have to undo a bracket underneath to loosen the right side fabric. Then peel back the...
  6. K


    I used a Stant 195, which I think is what you really want. Make sure you get the O-Ring gasket too, some have it...mine did, just make sure. Oh, got it at NAPA, I think Pep Boyz also has the Stant brand.
  7. K

    My first post, a couple questions.

    Since you have a 94...did you check out the radius arm bushings ?? do a search. That 'sounds' like the prob you have.
  8. K

    OBD II Trouble Codes 0171 and 0174

    that would be both of your O2 sensors. also, when I did mine, as a precaution, I also replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Maybe ****, but a faulty FPR will send new sensors strait to hell !!
  9. K

    KKM over Oiling HELP.. QUICK!

    What Rhett said! I assumed you have the cone type filter. What I do is: at every oil change while I wait for the oil to drain, I pull the K&N and I use Greased Lightning to first clean the filter. Take a handful of bounty towels and stuff them in the inside of the cone, then spray the red oil...
  10. K

    KKM over Oiling HELP.. QUICK!

    tbomb, that would be me ! after the first 'over-oiling incident' i learned. But Fantasy, stuff some bounty inside and let it sit for awhile. In the meantime, clean the MAS w/Electronic Cleaner or O2 safe cleaner, that should settle it down. The MAS got a noce coat of red oil on it and needs to...
  11. K

    97 sport has some issues

    OH...and WELCOME ABOARD to the finest automotive forum around !
  12. K

    97 sport has some issues

    Man, sounded exactly like what I ran into...until I got to your last IAC..that's what mine was. Do a search on Fuel Pump Relay. I remember some out there talking about the under hood box and intermittent relay connections. Sound like it. Good luck.
  13. K

    Throttle sticking problem

    LeRoy, you don't have a SOHC, you got what I got OHV. So no, the recall would not apply. The SOHC came out in 96.
  14. K

    Engine running rough when Air is on

    What you are describing is exactly what was happening on mine about 2 years ago. In defrost mode (A/C cycles in that mode also) it started 'shuttering' until I turned it off (A/C stopped cycling). Hmm..About 2 weeks later the AC Compressor completely seized up and black powdercoated the engine...
  15. K

    Temp Gauge Explained

    Steved, most likely needs to be 'burped'. Park on an uphill incline, 25deg should do as long as the rad cap is the highest part of the engine compartment. Then, ON A COLD ENGINE, take off the rad cap, start up the engine and add antifreeze as needed and allow engine to warm up to the point the...
  16. K

    lites, fuse, .. action!

    last night, noticed that both fogs (550s) didn't work. I had them wired to the parking lites for over a year and no problem. I also have 500 driving lites, i noticed last night also that the fuse(on the relay 15a) for them was blown..hmm I have now blown 3 consecutive fuses on the driving lite...
  17. K

    Ventvisor replace

    Hey, I know some of you guys have done this... but here's my problem. I have Ventvisor shades on the Ex, and on both sides the ventvisor has cracked in about the same place. I know they are life time garunteed and i am going to take pics and send them to the company with all the info. Here's...
  18. K

    O/D light blinks

    I thought i posted this question here before, but i guess not. AKJello, when you had yours done (TPS R/R) did you have a OD Off flashing AND a CEL ? or just the OD Off ?? I was under the impression a bad or marginal TPS would blow a CEL ?? Please respond, as I am wrestling with the...
  19. K

    Help me Diagonse this Please.

    by any chance did you have the defrost on. sounds like your AC compressor kicking on, roar(kinda)..the lurching would be your engine upping the rpms to compensate for the ac 'pull'. Just a thought. and the sound you hear could be your compressor about to give up the ghost! Mine did 3 yrs...
  20. K

    please help fast...

    May not be the same thing, but sounds just like it. When I last changed the plugs, my son comes back and says no matter what setting the cabin fan is on, it blows though defrost/winshield mode only...checked it out, saw the skinny line had come off during plug change..that fixed it ! unhook it...
  21. K

    "O/D off" Light blinking

    AKJello, did you have a Check Engine Light when you had to r/r the TPS. I was under the impression that a CEL went along with a bad TPS ? JKennedy, please let us know what it is. I have wrestled with a similar problem for about a year on a 95 Ranger, since serviceing the tranny no more OD flash...
  22. K

    Penetrating Spray

    3 months ago I did a head2head test of LiquidWrench against PB Blaster when I replaced the 93 Volvo exaust system. PB B won hands down ! It worked on bolts that LW could not handle. It's all I'll use for rusty bolts now. Also, I have been using the Penske brand P Oil and of all the P Oils I...
  23. K

    antifreeze flow control valve

    Thanx to all. After further inspection, I decided what I am going to do is to get a new valve, and 4 (yeah I missed one, it's 2 in 2 out) heater hoses. Looks to be simple except getting to the hose clamps against the firewall. I was going to replace those with screw type clamps, but the...
  24. K

    antifreeze flow control valve

    A little insight/suggestion pleeze. On my Ranger, not that the Ex is different, I noticed a small puddle under the car under the engine on the pass. side. upon further inspection I noticed it was dripping from the antifreeze flow control valve. This is the 2 hose in: 1 hose out that goes into...
  25. K

    What is ths NOISE?

    Make sure your Cat Heat shield is on securely..those have a nasty habit of coming 'un-welded' and get a BigA clamp to secure. do a search for heat shield to see what I mean.