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    Is there a new 'DX' trim for the 2018/2019 model year Explorer

    I was going through Ford's online parts catalog and found something quite strange. I noticed that it said all the normal trims, except for the...
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    California Emissions System on PIU

    Thanks. By the way my friend is also Canadian and has owned a Highlander too.
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    California Emissions System on PIU

    Are all PIUs equipped with CA emissions or only in select states? Thanks.
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    Is it legal to own a PIU?

    For the last few years, I have been considering picking one up as a third car for hauling/towing stuff and whatnot. Is it legal to own one in California?
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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    I was able to find rear trim pieces, grilles, and more for PIUs just now. I could also find all the console parts, but you would have to assemble it.
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    Goodbye Blue Ovals!

    I was going to black out my 2017 Magnetic Gray Explorer Sport, but it was totaled in a wreck before I got the chance. I wanted to delete the Sport/EcoBoost decals. I was also going to put gloss black/matte black ford emblems on the front and rear.
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    Rear Spoiler Removal Help

    I wouldn't recommend that mod due to the fact that it would mess with the brake light.
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    2016/2017 Smoke Tail lights?

    If you want to find smoked tail lights and not break the bank, call your local salvage yard. Ask if they have any 2016-2017 Explorer Sport tail lights.
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    DIY: Front License Plate Bracket Removal!

    That looks great! If you want to remove the scratches, try using Meguairs NewFinish.
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    Modifying My New 2017 Ford Explorer Limited

    That looks great! I'd just tint the headlights and fog lights. By the way, how much vinyl did you need? How much did the vinyl cost (not including labor)?
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    Just Ordered my 2017 Explorer Limited

    Did you get it from a dealer order sheet or online?
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    Anyone know when 2018 Ford Explorer will be released?

    If I were to guess when it will be released, I would say somewhere around September.
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    Value of 2014 Explorer Utility Interceptor Ecoboost

    For a non-crashed explorer that's a fair deal. For a crashed one, however, $22,000-$24,000 would be more appropriate.
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    Modified 2016 Police Interceptor Utility

    If it were up to me, I'd paint the center caps. I'd also recommend swapping the tail lights for the tinted Sport ones and blacking out or deleting the badging.
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    Modified 2016 Police Interceptor Utility

    There is no package that includes them. They are a $475 option and are the same as the standard XLT/Base wheels.
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    16/17 PI Utility DRL Lamp Housing Discoloration

    There is a great video on YouTube by ChrisFix on how to fix this problem if anyone has one of these affected cars.
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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    I'd recommend trying If it isn't there, there are some nice ones on ebay, although they aren't OEM.
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    Adding third row to Explorer Police Interceptor

    If you want to find third row seats, I recommend going to either ebay or your local salvage yard. Are you looking to have third row cloth or vinyl? If cloth, XLT or Base will do. Be careful that the pattern matches, too. If vinyl, the closest will be from the Explorer Limited. In addition, I...
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    Finally Got my 17 PI Utility Last Week

    What color is that? I like it a lot.
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    PIU Wheels to XLT Wheels Swap

    TPMS should fit just fine, as long as you get the correct frequency. I don't know what that frequency is, however. You will also need new lug nuts, as well.
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    2014 Ford Explorer Sport won't start

    The wire may be shorting out or the battery may be dead.
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    2017 Explorer Crash damage

    The Explorer is one safe car! I was in a really bad crash a few months ago in my 2017 Explorer Sport. A guy (high on narcotics, of course) was going about 70 the wrong way and we were doing 45. I walked away with only a bruise. My mom was in the hospital for a week but is driving again now. I...