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    08 Explorer V8 transmission issue

    Dude check your plugs and coils first. Transmission low on fluid or with bad fluid can act like that too. Probably cavitation/ventilation in the toque converter. A dying coil or a plug well full of water acts just like that. Happened to me loads of times. I used to carry a roll of paper...
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    Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

    Thanks for the feedback I too, am a turtle.
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    Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

    To clarify, I bought it with 125k miles on it, and have added 75k to that. Rolling over 200k soon, still runs awesome, just shifts stupid some times. Like I said though, it has been doing that the whole time. 6 speed, V8. This issue only happens after its been in overdrive at 65+ for an...
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    Grind sound/whirling sound when turning

    Front end is live all the time. Front drive shaft has a clutch on it at the transfer case. In AUTO the clutch engages when the tires spin as needed. In 4x4 the clutch is always engaged. For 4x4 low you need to stop, hold brakes, and shift into neutral before it will transfer. If the hub is that...
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    Transmission Behavior Change After Extended Highway Driving

    Does anyone else have issues with shifting after being in overdrive for a while on the highway? I have been driving this thing for 6 years, 75k miles, this issue has been present the whole time. After an hour or so on the highway the shift out of the top two gears occasionally gets kinda...
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    Any EcoBoost Engineers in here? EcoBoost Intercooler Condensation Solution?

    Just watched a video of some guy complaining about F150's and said he would never buy ford again. The issue seemed simply to resolve, curious what has been tried or if/how the issue has been resolved. The issue was water build up in the intercooler, which meant a quick jab at the throttle would...
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    2020 Bronco

    Where does one implore Ford to not be idiots, and to include a 5.0, or perhaps even a 5.2 engine option for the 2020 Bronco??? Currently driving a 4.6 explorer, will never purchase a 5th gen station wagon. I want a God Damned full box frame SUV with a V8 that can tow.
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    Water In Spark Plug Well Solution

    I have been meaning to post my experience with this but keep forgetting. Got on here tonight and the top post was about this same issue. So I made a quick video. The only ignition coil I have had go bad was the number 8 cylinder coil. Which is the one that used to get water in it. The water...
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    Should I buy this explorer?

    I have been driving explorers for 10 years now. My previous one, a 99 XLT had the same 4x4 auto system. Sold it with 235K miles running just fine. I have always felt exactly as you said, it seems violent and destructive when you mash the gas and 4x4 slams in. That said I have never had an...
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    P2135 - Looks like TPS is bad

    My overnight order came late so the next day I bought an off brand TPS, it did not work at all. Engine would not run. I could see it was inferior in design and craftsmanship right out of the box. Took it back and put the original back in to get me to work. Got the Motorcraft part Wednesday and...
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    P2135 - Looks like TPS is bad

    To test the TPS I used an ohm meter on the 4 pins for the connector. With the TB on the engine I moved the throttle plate by hand with my ohm meter on the connector pins. I noticed between 2 sets of pins the variance in resistance was not as variable as I felt it should be from WOT to about 65%...
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    P2135 - Looks like TPS is bad

    Last night Driving at 70 mph through hills on cruise control I got a thunk and dropped out of CC, also flashing wrench on the dash for a moment. Manual throttle did not feel right but I could keep going. I noticed when I let off the throttle engine braking was much stronger than usual. Later...
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    No Heat Passenger Side

    HVAC issue here. Can someone describe how this system operates for me please. I have dual zone climate control, the passenger side does not get any heat. Do I need to look for a coolant flow regulator, or a blend door actuator? What could prevent the passenger zone from getting heat? I am...
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    09 Explorer no start - RSC Service now, Theft light blinking, gauge cluster dead

    Check your grounds. All of them. Under the dash, to battery, to engine, to frame, to chassis, anywhere and everywhere. Even if voltage is steady ground can be insufficient and cause major and random electrical issues. Main connections are from battery to chassis and/or engine.
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    Miles to "low fuel" light?

    I get about 21 gallons into mine when I hit 5 or less miles to empty. If I fill up right when it goes off at 50 miles usually like 19 gallons. The most I ever put in is maybe 21.5, and that was going a bit past 0. Computer typically reads 340 miles to empty when full. Last time I looked...
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    Front Heater Core Noise

    I have seen gelled coolant on the radiator cap. I could believe it is clogged up. Cant imagine its fun to pull the heater core out though.
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    Front Heater Core Noise

    This issue started last year, but was less severe. If I start my truck to warm it up and let it sit and get hot the front heater does not produce any heat until I start to drive. The front heater core does not seem to be getting any coolant flow at idle. When I accelerate I can hear the...
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    gas tank problems

    Do a search for gas tank vent tube. That is your problem. I have had the same problem, for me I believe it was water in the tube preventing proper venting. Eventually it went back to normal. I read up on the issue, there is a revised vent tube design that you can replace yours with if...
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    Lift Kit Reliability/Maintenance Changes?

    I am on the fence for lifting my explorer. I just want to know how much the lift has affected you guys in terms of part life, like CV joints and bearings. All opinions welcome, Thanks
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    4 x 4 comparison question

    I have found my explorers to do just as well as my friends Cherokees, they are similar size, weight, and 4x4 is 4x4. Jeeps folks always seem to be shocked when my explorer does everything their jeep does. Tires and skill make a massive difference.
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    Rear wiper

    Did you replace the whole assembly or just the motor? Do you have a voltmeter to check there is a signal going to the wiper's motor controller?
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    Funny thing happened today

    Every gas has what's called a critical temperature, at or above that temperature it can no longer be held as a liquid, no matter what pressure. The critical temperature for butane is 306 Fahrenheit. Pressure increases with temperature, critical point or not. So if it was in the sun it could...