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    SYNC 3 in a 2016 Explorer

    I want to thank everyone who responded to myself or previous commenters on this thread, the amount of knowledge on here is invaluable. I completed the swap on Monday and could not be happier with the upgrade. I want to encourage anyone who might be interested in the swap that it is 100% without...
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    SYNC 3 in a 2016 Explorer

    Are you able to continue to update Sync 3? What about the navigation? Does Jason Provide the donor VIN that would allow you to pay Ford for the map updates?
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    SYNC 3 in a 2016 Explorer

    Newly Purchased 16 Explorer Limited here, Looking into the Sync 3 Swap. I am not interested in programming it myself as its not within my wheelhouse, but all of the install is definitely going to be DIY. I have emailed Jason at to inquire about a pre-programmed API and Screen. Just...
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    2015 Explorer Sport - upgrading Sync 2 to Sync 3 - have few ?'s

    Did you ever complete the swap? Just purchased a 2016 with MyFord/Sync 2 and am extremely interested in doing the upgrade. Vehicle only has 40k miles and the older infotainment is the only thing keeping it from feeling like the brand new ones.