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    Where to buy it ??? Which oem ?

    I just by-passed mine 4 years ago. No probs and I'm running 31's.
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    Stupid question

    There are no stupid questions..only stupid answers but the guy above was spot on!
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    GT40P passenger manifold

    I had both sides done at a local garage last July. Ford manifolds were 125 each. Labor was 300. EGR valve and tube was like another 140. Pricey but worth it,bunch of studs broke on them. Then 6 months later the pass side craked again..they replaced it no charge. I had a year warranty.
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    No Ding When Lights On Or Drivers Door Open

    I thought you said you checked it? It's in the door jam opening ..front of it ..near the fender. Open the door and look towards the fender,,black button.
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    No Ding When Lights On Or Drivers Door Open

    So nothing happens when you open any of the doors then?
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    No Ding When Lights On Or Drivers Door Open

    Is the button sticking in the door frame?
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    Need help figuring it out, have a '98 Exploer, 5.0

    Thats what was wrong with mine a few years ago...I turned the wheels to do the brakes with the motor off is what caused it.
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    My Ford Explorer will not start!

    Good deal! Freaking technology!
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    Wierd electrical/ignition/starter/problem

    Yep..that push on one can be the problem.Bish to get at with your hand but can be done.
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    2001 Mountaineer ABS issue

    Glad it worked for you also.
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    2001 Mountaineer ABS issue

    my 01 exploder is doing the same thing right now. More then likely it is the senor. My bearings are fine but that said on my 95 the only way the same problem was fixed was to put new hubs on it. i have new hubs for this but i have been to lazy to change them. I never had a abs light either. What...
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    Just bought a 96 5.0

    mine only had 101k on them. broke just one though. i'll never use the impact on them
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    Just bought a 96 5.0

    I have done some extensive searches and it seems, aside from the nasty common problem of spark plugs breaking off inside the block (I'm prepared for this), yep.
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    annoying cruise control switch lightbulb!

    A neat way to strip wire is to heat it for just a few seconds with a bic lighter then pinch the insulation with the nails of two fingers and pull it right off. Works really well once you catch on to it. I do it with bigger wires now even.
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    strange noise.

    Ok driving down the road at 50 or better I sometimes get this crackling noise that drives me crazy. It sounds like leaves in my blower box or something but that is not it because I turn off all the controls and that changes nothing. The faster I go the worse it gets at times. Then sometimes it...
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    What is your temp gauge at?

    Love my scanguage! Mine has been reading my water temp on warmer days around 200-210..does yours? Cooler days it seems to be around 195.
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    '99 eddie bauer 5.0 AWD upgrades

    The 5.0 does ok stock. If you really want to do something instal the pick up transfer case so that you will have low range. Anything else is just trying to make it a race car and imo that is fruitless.
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    Synthetic vs regular oil

    A guy who gets it.:thumbsup: Marketing is a huge deal! Truth also be know there are not a whole lot of oil filter makers out there either. It's like the batteries..a few companies make them all..can be to diff specs though. Back on filters- I have cut a lot them apart and I'll use most...
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    Synthetic vs regular oil

    Most syns including mobile one has dino oil in it as a base..cracking thing. Oil has come a long ways babby! Trouble is that the newer stuff has some of the good chit taken out..or way less of it..zinc and things like that . EPA thing. It's to the point where bmw won't let me use the newest...
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    Clear protective film on rear doors

    Nice looking x! Put a set of monroe sensa trac coil over shocks on the back,will at least level it if not raise it a inch or so over stock.
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    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    I think I'm up to 107k on my 01. Just getting broke in!
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    98 Speedometer intermittent bouncing, OD out, Cruise out no lights/codes

    If it was one of the front sensors you would think the abs light would come on. I know if you pull the abs fuse the abs light will come on and the speedo will not work on my 2001..nor will the cruise work. I'm chasing pulsing abs and I ended up for now just unplugging one lead from the abs...
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    Mechanic tried porking me.

    How you going to grease sealed bearings?
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    front end noise

    Could just be the tires.
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    What problems has your Ex had?

    Pretty neat site.