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    Can Front & Rear Climate Controls be Synced?

    Can anyone tell me why I cannot sync my rear climate controls to the front settings. Every vehicle I've had with rear controls can be synced to the front but these have to be operated separately? When I lock the rear controls and turn on the ac the rear blows hot air but it I operate them...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Did this correct the burning smell you were getting? I know there was a service bulletin for a cracked pipe where it splits off but of course it's just a bulletin and not a covered after 36,000 mile repair This article supersedes TSB 19-2244 to update the Parts List. Issue: Some 2013-2019...
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    A/C Rear Line Leak

    That's where mine is leaking. I cleaned the area cut away some of the silver foil material rolled up some JB weld putty and put a rubber hose with a hose clamp over it. Used two cans of freon from Walmart and running cold for almost a month now
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    2016 Explorer Hands Free Liftgate Not Working After Factory Hitch install

    ok thank you. I have to replace mine anyway because there are times when I walk by closely it opens automatically anyway and apparently this was a common problem but I see there are two different part numbers one with hitch and one without. I would assume I need the one with since i'm upgrading...
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    2016 Explorer Hands Free Liftgate Not Working After Factory Hitch install

    Did anyone ever figure this out? I want to add a factory hitch as well but it shows on the ford website the module has to be replaced? " Module Replacement Required if vehicle is equipped with Hands-Free Foot Activated Liftgate. See your dealer or Owners Guide for details From the Ford...
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    New/Used member

    customer service routed me back to the dealer. The dealer was an absolute waste of time. I may try another dealer but if they're like most they will not work with you unless you bought it from them