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    Rough guess on cost of replacement key?

    Sorry for the "necropost", but I wanted to chime in here. My 07 had one key, and one fob when I got it. I bought 2 integrated key/fobs off of Amazon, and used a OBD2 reader with HS/MS switching and FORScan to erase the 6 "missing" keys in the system, leaving me one, and then used the same...
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    HVAC Vent Modes Not Working... HELP!!!

    For future searches, it's the "Vent Mode Actuator", not the "Blend Door Actuator". The Blend Door controls the hot/cold mix, the vent mode controls which vents the air comes out of.
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    Brake Caliper help needed

    Hey folks, I've got a problem. 2007 Explorer XLT mostly stock. I bought this truck used about a year ago and am trying to do the brake pads. The caliper bolts are just freaking seized. I've gotten an impact wrench and completely rounded the bolt on the first one trying to get it off. I'm...
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    Some GoogleFu determines the size to be 4×6's. Now to determine if I want to just replace the speakers or actually get an amp and go that route when Replace them.
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    If I had more of a disposable income, I'd probably go that route and just scavenge the Atoto. I got the Atoto for two reasons. 1) Backup Camera and 2) RCA Dash Cam.
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    So I just got the new canbus adapter and had the same issue. They also sent a new wiring harness, so I re-did that. I hard soldered the connections, and included leads off the red and black for my RCA dash cam. And what do you know... it's working. I apparently have blown the right rear door...
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    I did some more troubleshooting and the OEM is replacing the CANBus adapter. I cleared all DTMs Started enging with original radio. Scanned for DTMs, no issues. Shut off, disconnected battery installed new harness and head unit connected battery turned ignition on, checked for DTMs and what do...
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    I was worried that the ACM was reading something as stolen. I pulled the head unit (again) and connected it to a bench supply and had the same problem. I disconnected the power, unplugged the CANBus module and waited several hours. Then, the thing powers back up. So I'm thiking it's the module...
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    Replaced Radio w/ Android Head Unit, no power

    I replaced my stock 6 disc radio with an ATOTO A6. I used the Metra wiring harness with the CANBus attachment. Things worked fine, with just radio issues caused by my buying cheap (low ram and backup camera issue). I was relocating my dashcam and now the radio won't turn on. If it's very very...
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    Obd2 scanner?

    The HS&MS-Can one is available in bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. Since I use ForScan with my tablet, I picked the WiFi since it's more stable. That's important when you're writing to the system.
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    Obd2 scanner?

    Depends on what you're looking for. I've used both of the following on my 07 with good results: HS-Can only, Bluetooth: HS & MS-Can...
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    07 Explorer 4.0L V6 Evap error code

    I bought a '07 and live in a state with emissions testing. I'm getting a slow evap leak code, and want to try to smoke test it myself, but I can't find where to introduce the smoke into the system. Can someone help with a pic of the location (and is it a green test port or pull the hose type...
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    A/C only blows thru Defroster Vents

    Air only blows through defrost vents. I hate to necropost as my first interaction in the community, but do you have a part number for the mode actuator?